ANMED (News Bulletin on Archaeology from Mediterranean Anatolia)

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ANMED, one of the annual periodicals by Suna & İnan Kıraç Research Center for Mediterranean Civilisations, has been published bilingual in Turkish and English in Antalya since 2003.


Within the frame of the Center’s foundation goals, the preliminary annual reports of excavations, surveys, restoration-conservation projects and other archaeological works by scientific missions undertaken in the region identified as Anatolia’s Mediterranean Areas constitute the scope of ANMED.


Since its initial publication fourteen years ago, this informative bulletin, distributed to an extensive list of individuals and institutions in Turkey and abroad, has been received with enthusiasm. We remain committed to maintain its function as an annual reference source about present and projected archaeological activities in our region. However, beginning with the 2017 issue, ANMED will be published only in digital format so that it can reach a larger audience.