Support to the Excavation, Survey, Museum Research, Fieldwork, and Projects

AKMED provides support to archaeological excavations, surveys, museum research, fieldwork and projects. The amount of support is determined by the Executive Board. The amount is deposited immediately in the bank account of the responsible researcher following the submission of the excavation and research permits.

Support in kind, in equipment, and use of the Archaeology Lab of Koç University may be given based on the decision of the Executive Board.

The call for application is announced in March. The deadline for application is 15 May, and the decisions are announced in June.

The application folders, to be prepared in triplicate, need to include the following:

  1. Title and curriculum vitae of the applier; list of publications; clear contact address; e-mail address and phone number;
  2. Scope of the research project, its methods, aim, a summary of previous publications on the subject, work calendar and program, list of team members, their positions and addresses;
  3. Quality of the need, list of proposed expenses and budget.