Kaleiçi Museum Talks
Small in size, big in impact: The Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews
Nisya İsman Allovi

“The Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews chronologically presents the 2600-year-old historical and cultural heritage of Turkish Jews in the region and their contributions to the country’s social life and state affairs. With exhibitions featuring a comprehensive collection of historic, ethnographic, and religious objects, the museum offers insight into Midrash, traditions, life cycles and settlements. The museum uses sections from Jewish life to tell the unique story of a millennia-long common heritage of coexistence despite religious and cultural differences. Acting as the physical connection between the Museum and the Neve Shalom Synagogue, the midrash hall, which is located on the third floor of the building, is a place where visitors can observe religious ceremonies in the synagogue such as circumcisions, weddings and Bar Mitzvah. The ethnography section curated under the theme of ‘Life Cycle from Birth to Death’ features traditional heirloom clothes, various objects, videos, photographs, and documents related to marriage, birth, and circumcision ceremonies. The experience helps visitors outside the Jewish community learn about the similarities between modern culture and traditions. For members of the community, it is a place where culture and traditions are transferred to younger generations.”



May 18, 2022 – 19:00


May 18, 2022 – 21:00