Protocol, Ceremonies, and Celebrations at Topkapi Palace – Prof. Dr. Zeynep Tarım

The Ottoman palace, serving as both the center of the state and the residence of the dynasty, had a multifunctional structure. Like many palaces around the world, celebrations held at Topkapi Palace transformed into ceremonies following unique protocol rules and etiquette. Depending on the nature of the ceremony, whether attended by the Sultan, state officials, or palace residents, these events took place in courtyards, halls, or one of the pavilions with the participation of invited guests.

The ceremonies held in the Ottoman palace drew inspiration from various sources, including the official ideology of the state, the lifestyle of the palace residents, and the societal structure. Grand ceremonies initiated at Topkapi Palace extended beyond the palace walls, transforming Istanbul into a vibrant scene with streets and squares turning into stages. Festivals organized by the palace took place in Istanbul’s public spaces with the participation of both the Sultan and the people. In this context, it is possible to observe the relationship between the palace and the city from various perspectives. This speech aims to explore the protocol rules followed in the Ottoman palace, the celebrations that evolved into ceremonies, the characteristics of these ceremonies, the attire of participants, and the examination of the venues used.


March 07, 2024 – 17:30


March 07, 2024 – 19:00