Antalya and its Vicinity under the Ottoman Rule – Fahrettin Tızlak


22 November 2018 – 17:30

Antalya and its Vicinity under the Ottoman Rule

When the Antalya region came under the rule of Ottoman State in the late 14th century, it was
included in the Ottoman administrative organization under the name Sanjak of Teke. This
sanjak was originally connected to Anatolia Province. However, in 1812 it was connected to
Karaman Province and then to Konya Province in 1864, which was newly formed with the
change of previous one’s name. In 1917, it became a separate mutasarrıflık (district
Antalya maintained commercial and financial significance it had in previous ages during the
Ottoman period as well. Within this time course, in terms of state’s official and social order,
Sanjak of Teke and its centre Antalya witnessed some social explosions such as revolts of Şah
Kulu and Tekelioğlu.
In this presentation, administrative arrangements as well as social incidents which took place
in Antalya and its vicinity during the Ottoman period are discussed within the scope of issues
mentioned above.
Ottoman, Antalya, Sanjak of Teke, Turkmen, Şahkulu, Tekelioğlu

Fahrettin Tızlak

Akdeniz Üniversitesi