Author Guntram Koch
Editor Kayhan Dörtlük – Tarkan Kahya – Remziye Boyraz Seyhan – Tuba Ertekin
Material Type Book
Year 2010, Antalya
ISBN No 9786054018116
Dimensions 215×150 mm.
Page 131 p.
Figure 86 figures
Language in Turkish – German
Translation Burhan Varkıvanç
Series Suna – İnan Kıraç Research Institute on Medierranean Civilizations Monograph Series: 5


Türkiye’deki Roma İmparatorluk Dönemi Lahitleri [Roman Imperial Period Sarcophagi in Türkiye]. Guntram Koch. 2010, Antalya

Sarcophagi have a special meaning in Roman Imperial period sculpture. Although they have been recovered in great numbers, many of them have not been published to date and kept in the museum storerooms, creating a complicated situation for their study, thus making it difficult to develop an overall idea about them. For the purpose of facilitating their understanding an update bibliography has been added to the end of this study…