Editor/s Oğuz Tekin
Type Book
Publ. Year 2018
ISBN No. 97860521166912
Size 21.5 x 28 cm
Page 585
Images 244 figures, 52 tables, 26 plates, 10 maps
Language English

Contents  / İçindekiler

Preface / Sunuş

ANTIQUITY (Greek, Roman and Roman Provincial)

ZURBACH Julien: New Perspectives on Money in the Late Bronze to Iron Age Aegean.

FISCHER-BOSSERT Wolfgang: Electrum Coinage of the 7th Century B.C.

WARTENBERG Ute: Archaic Electrum Coinage in Thrace and Macedonia in the Sixth Centuıy: the Hoard Evidence.

ELLIS-EVANS Aneurin – VAN ALFEN Peter: Preliminary Observations on the Archaic Silver Coinage of Lampsakos in its Regional Context.

KiLLEN Simone: The Winged Horse Protome from Lampsacus and its lnterpretations.

EROL-ÖZDİZBAY Aliye: The Coinage of Pordosilene (Pordoselene/Poroselene).

KROLL John H.: Two Fifth-Century Lead Weights of Kyzikos on the Comınercial Standard of Athens.

TEKİN Oğuz: Weights of Lysimachia: Identification, Iconography and Dating.

REGER Gary: Regionalism and Coins in the Hellenistic World.

CALLATAŸ François de: Overstrikes on Pamphylian and Cilician Silver Sigloi (5th-4th c. B.C.).

DUYRAT Frédérique: Alexander’s Gold Distaters.

ASHTON Richard H. J.: The Pseudo-Rhodian Drachms of Kibyra.

KÖKER Hüseyin: Overstruck Coins of Etenna.

MEADOWS Andrew: Civic Countermarks on the Silver Coinage of Asia Minor in the 2nd Century B.C.

PAUNOV Evgeni: On Both Shores of the Bosphorus: The Coinage of Rhoemetalces I, King of Thrace (ca. 12/11 B.C.-A.D. 12/13).

BURNETT Andrew – MARTIN Katharina: An Early Imperial Coinage from Alcxandria Troas?

AMANDRY Michel: The Cistophoric Coinage of Hadrian: New Dala.

GÜNEY Hale: Homonoia Coins and the City of Nicomedia.

ÜNAL Erdal: Bronze Coinage of Magydos.

PUGLISI Mariangela: Iconographic Choices in the Roman Provincial Coinage ofKyme (Aeolis).

POLOSA Annalisa: Coins in the Northerrı Aegean: Testimonies from Lemnos.

STROOBANTS Fran: Daily Coin Use and the Level ofMonetizatiorı at Roman Sagalassos and its Territory.

SPOERRI BUTCHER Marguerite: ‘Pseudo-autonomous’ Coins Issued in the Name of the Senate: Towards a Reappraisal of the Role of the Workshops within the Province of A ia (A.D. 238-253).

SANCAKTAR Hacer: Arıalysis of the Coins Found at the Excavations of the 6th Batlı Complex in Arycanda.

NOLLÉ Johannes: Creating Borders and Surpassing Them: Myths of the Propontis Region Reflected by City Coins.

CHAMEROY Jérémie: The Circulation of Gallic Empire Coins in Western Asia Minor in Light of Excavated Coins.

LEROUXEL François: Two Families and the Monetization of Arsinoite Villages in Roman Egypt.

MARCELLESI Marie-Christine: Coins from the Excavations at Agioi Pente of Yeroskipou near Paphos (Late Antiquity and Early Byzantine Times): A Preliminary Report.

MEDlEVAL (Byzantine, European and Islamic)

ÜNAL Ceren: A Group of Billon Trachea: The Beydağ Hoard from the Archaeological Museurn in Aydın.

YAĞIZ Oya – ÖZTÜRK Önder: The Veliköy Hoard: A Preliminary Report

CAMPAGNOLO Matteo: From Copper to Glass: Technical Progress and Reliability ofEarly Byzantine Coin-Weights.

MORDECHAI Lee: The FL>\ME Project: Reconstructing the Late Antique and Early Medieval Economy.

ZAVAGNO Luca: Beyond the Periphery: Reassessing the Byzantine lnsular Economy between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (ca. 650-850 A.D.).

BAKER Julian: Coin Circulation in Fourteenth-Century Thrace and Constantinople According to the Evidence ofthe Hoards.

YOUNIS Mohammad: Early Islamic Imitative Fulüs ofEgyptian Coins frorn Bilad al-Sham.

NAUE Matthias: An Estimation ofEarly ‘Abbasid Mint Output: Madinatjayy 162 A.H./778-9 C.E.

TEOMAN Betül: Figural Coins of the Seljuqs of Rum.

TEOMAN Gültekin: Western Anatolian Beylik Coins Minted in the Name of the İlkhans.

SCHULTZ Warren C.: How were Mamluk Fulus Valued at the Beginning of the 9th/15th Century? Reflections on Two Passages from al-Maqrizi and Some Archaeological Evidence.

AL-‘AKRA Hassan: Numismatic and Historical Studies on Medieval Coins Found in the Excavations of Baalbek: A Synthesis.

STAHL Alan M.: Archaeological Finds of Medieval Coinage in the Northeastern Mediterranean: Implications for the Study of Circulation and Site History.