Author Zeynep Özüsağlam-Mutlu
Editor Kayhan Dörtlük et al.
Material Type Book
Year 2013, Antalya
ISBN No 9786054018178
Dimensions 210×280 mm
Page 215 p.
Figure 33 Maps
Language in Turkish
Series Adalya Supplementary Series 11


[Roman Senators of Lycian and Pamphylian Origin during the Principate]
… Apart from a few exceptions, most Roman senators of Lycian and Pamphylian origin served outside their homeland, but usually in the eastern provinces. They represented Rome officially and thus revealed clearly their loyalty to Rome. On the other hand, their loyalty to their homeland is clearly attested in the philanthropic work they instituted there. Certainly this philanthropy did not go unnoticed in Rome. Contentment with a Roman senator in a certain province meant not only personal honour for the concerned senator but also served as a kind of political propaganda for Rome herself. Senators from both Lycia and Pamphylia assumed some honorific titles thanks to their philanthropic activities to expand Romanisation. However, these “philanthropic” activities, under the title of “euergetes” to the concerned senators, not only went beyond the personal sphere but also involved their families in similar euergetism in their hometowns, also as a sign of loyalty to Rome. The best example available is Plancia Magna of the Plancii of Perge, who represents the model aristocratic woman of Roman Asia Minor who sponsored many building and philanthropic activities in her hometown. Similarly, Vilia Procula of Vilii of Patara, a noble Roman woman from a family of senators, was honoured for her charitable activities…