Author Garo Kürkman
Editor Selmin Kangal
Material Type Book
Year 2003, İstanbul
ISBN No 9757078166
Dimensions 240×320 mm.
Page 439 pp, Hardbound with dust jacket
Figure 513 ill.
Language in English


This book has been prepared to present the Anatolian weights and measures housed in AKMED’s collection. However, the facts that there was no standard in weighing system since the Antiquity reaching the Ottomans, that different weights were used across Anatolia under the same name – also differing from time to time, from place to place and from one thing to another being weighed – and above all, the lack of sufficient and efficient comparative studies about weights and measures have hindered our efforts to gather reliable information about some instruments. Therefore, we hope to be forgiven for our mistakes. Contradicting information found in the various sources referred during our studies gave us the impression that many more serious studies have to be made about this subject matter.