Editor/s Oğuz Tekin – Christopher H. Roosevelt – Engin Akyürek
Type Book
Publ. Year 2020
ISBN No. 9786057685278
Size 21.5 x. 28
Page 262
Images 68 figures, 14 tables
Language English
Translation Özgür Pala


The book covers the papers presented in the symposium titled “Philanthropy in Anatolia through the Ages. First International Suna & İnan Kıraç Symposium on Mediterranean Civilizations” hosted by AKMED and organized by three research centers of Koç University, namely AKMED, ANAMED and GABAM in March 2019 on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Vehbi Koç Foundation. The proceedings book which deals with philanthropy in a wide chronological scope and diversity from Antiquity to the end of the Ottoman Empire, consists of three main chapters, chronologically constructed. First Chapter is titled “Greco-Roman Philanthropy”; Second Chapter is titled “Early Christian and Byzantine Philanthropy” and the Third Chapter is titled “Medieval İslamic and Ottoman Philanthropy”.

Philanthropy in Anatolia

Philanthropy in Anatolia through the Ages. The First International Suna & İnan Kıraç Symposium on Mediterranean Civilizations, March 26-29, 2019 | Antalya


Table of Contents:


Introductory Comments: Philanthropy in Anatolia through the Ages Greco-Roman Philanthropy

Greco-Roman Philanthropy:

Benjamin Gray, Debating the Benefits and Problems of Philanthropy in Later Hellenistic Anatolia

Pierre Fröhlich, Philanthropia in Context: Civic Virtues and Praise of Officials in the Poleis of Hellenistic Asia Minor

Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen, Civic Philanthropy in the Cities of Roman Anatolia

Christina Kokkinia, Large Epigraphic Dossiers and Euergetism in Roman Asia Minor

Mustafa Adak, Civic Notables and Their Honorific Titles in Roman Pamphylia and Pisidia

Mustafa H. Sayar, Local Donors and Euergetism in the Cities of Cilicia Pedias between the First Century BC and Second Century AD 73

Aşkım Özdizbay, Euergetists of Italic Origin in the City of Perge and Their Contributions to Urban Development

Recai Tekoğlu, and Taner Korkut, Activities of Euergesia from the Ancient City of Tlos

Angelos Chaniotis, Benefactors in Aphrodisias and the Socio-Cultural Limits of Philanthropy

Matthias Haake, Philosophy and Philanthropy: Diogenes of Oenoanda and an Act of Mega-Euergetism

Early Christian and Byzantine Philanthropy:

Christian Marek, Philanthropy and Early Christianity in Asia Minor

Rustam Shukurov, Barbarians, Philanthropy, and Byzantine Missionism

Esra Güzel Erdoğan, Philanthropia in the Byzantine Monasteries of Constantinople

Medieval İslamic and Ottoman Philanthropy:

Suzan Yalman, Hospitals and Philanthropy in Seljuk Anatolia

A.C.S. Peacock, Waqf Inscriptions from Medieval Anatolia

Leslie Peirce, Sultans, Saints, and Philanthropy: Selim I and the Province of Aintab

Lucienne Thys-Şenocak, (Re)presenting Royal Ottoman Women through “Other” Sensory Modalities

A.Hilâl Uğurlu, Philanthropy in the Form of a Hair Strand: Sacred Relics in Nineteenth Century Ottoman Lands

Efi Kanner, Education as Philanthropy within the Ottoman Modernization Project: Aspects of Educational Activity in Greek Orthodox Communities During the Reform Era

Eyal Ginio, The Use of Sultanic Philanthropy under Constitutional Rule: New Perceptions and Directions


Amy Singer, Concluding Reflections: Philanthropy in Anatolia/Anatolian Philanthropy?