Contemporary Museum Studies and Art in Ankara: Erimtan Museum- Nazan Değiş Gezer

April 5, 2021

Erimtan Museum is a contemporary museum, where the archeological artifact collection belonging to businessman Yüksel Erimtan, is exhibited, as well as hosting events and temporary exhibitions in many branches of art. The archaeological artefacts dating back 3000 B.C to A.D. 300,  are meeting with visitors through modern architecture and exhibiting features. While the temporary exhibition hall of the museum hosts at least 2 separate exhibitions during the year, it makes a significant contribution to the cultural and artistic life of Ankara with concerts, conferences and various activities held in the multi-purpose hall. We will be on a pleasant trip with Nazan Değiş Gezer to get to know the museum closely.


15 April 2021 –  15.00


15 April 2021 –  17.00