Author Ayşe Ç. Türker
Editor Kayhan Dörtlük – Tarkan Kahya
Material Type Book
Year Antalya, 2009
ISBN No 978-6054018-06-2
Dimensions 210×280 mm
Page 228 pages
Figure 131 Figures
Language in Turkish and in English
Translation T.M.P. Duggan – İnci Türkoğlu
Series Adalya Supplementary Series 8


The world of deities was created by the mankind thanks to the fright against the death and natural phenomena as of the emergence of the mankind on Earth and followed a course from polytheism toward monotheism. The chief god or Mother Goddess concept of polytheism transforms to the God or Allah of monotheism.

Zeus, after whom this book is named, was the chief god of the pagan faith in Antiquity. His identity as “father god” was the result of the patriarchal social structure. The immortal identity of father god Zeus, the master of the universe, assumes a mortal identity as the “father, the head of the family” and “the ruler of the community” in the paternal lineage of the social life. It is very curious that the Father God Zeus, in conformity with the strict patriarchal structure of Greece, also found extensive worship alongside the Mother Goddess Kybele in Anatolia. In fact, in Anatolia, a matriarchal linage was followed descending from the Mother Goddess…

Although Zeus has been presented as a Hellenic deity until today, his origins are controversial. Mythological works usually ignore the Anatolian identities of this deity and his place in the society. This study aims at presenting the presence of Zeus in Anatolia, his extensive worship under various epithets, cults and his Anatolian identity…