Author T. A. B. Spratt – Edward Forbes
Editor Kayhan Dörtlük – Tarkan Kahya – Remziye Boyraz
Material Type Book
Year 2008, İstanbul
ISBN No 9786050027013
Dimensions 145x230mm
Page 2 vols. (302+332 pp), Hardbound
Figure b/w ill. + folded maps
Language in Turkish
Translation Doğan Türker
Series Translation Series 3


In 1842, waiting for stronger ships and equipment to carry away sculpture from Xanthos gave way to a special expedition undertaken by T.A.B. Spratt, E. Forbes and Mr. E.T. Daniell. Exploring Lycia, Pamphylia and Pisidia, many settlements were localised, inscriptions copied, maps and plans drawn as precisely as possible depending on the circumstances; moreover, land and water animals, coastline, marine zoology, botany and geology were also explored.

Very curious observations are found, here and there in the text, about the human landscape and social texture of the region. On the other hand, accounts of how about 70 to 80 chests “containing the grand remains of the past of Lycia were transferred on floating barges pulled by British sailors and oxen driven by Turks and loaded on the ships of Royal Navy with pride” may lead the readers to a more thoughtful, painful and self-criticising mode.