Author Ayşe Aydın
Editor Kayhan Dörtlük – Tarkan Kahya – Remziye Boyraz Seyhan – Tuba Ertekin
Material Type Book
Year Antalya, 2011
ISBN No 9786054018130
Dimensions 215×150 mm.
Page 124 p.
Figure 87 Figures
Language in Turkish and extended English summary
Translation T. M. P. Duggan – İnci Türkoğlu
Series Suna & İnan Kıraç Research Institute on Mediterranean Civilizations Monograph Series: 9


The Mediterranean is one of the foremost regions where the cult of relics spread in Christendom. Reliquaries of the sarcophagus type on display at or kept in the storehouses of Turkish museums are a strong indicator for the level of this cult in Anatolia and Istanbul with their numerous martyrs and saints. Reliquaries of various sizes, some of which are very plain while some others are decorated with figural and floral motifs, constitute an important group of items symbolizing the Christian faith both artistically and spiritually.