Symposium – New Research on Greek Epigraphy in Lycia

Koç University AKMED and Kommission für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik (DAI) will organize  “New Researches on Ancient Greek Epigraphy in Lycia Symposium” between the dates 28-30 March 2022.

Lycia has long been a focus of interest for many researchers of Asia Minor. Epigraphic texts have played an important role in this interest and in the growth of the studies concerning many aspects of Lycian history and culture. Epigraphic research has been highly productive for a long time, and the current situation in such studies manifests the momentum gained in recent years through new excavation and survey projects. Based upon this background, we believed, this symposium would be very useful for the epigraphers, who are currently conducting research as part of excavations or surveys in Lycia and whose current interests are in those inscriptions concerning Lycia. It will be most beneficial to come together and to talk about current works, new texts, new ideas, and to exchange views on general and specific subjects concerning Greek Epigraphy in Lycia. The papers are from several locations and periods, and this will hopefully provide a deep new insight for many problems. We are particularly happy to hold this meeting in Antalya, the borders of which covers most of Lycia.

The symposium, of which you can find the program and abstracts below, will be held hybrid due to the ongoing pandemic and the sessions to be organized at AKMED will be only open to  invitees. In order to follow all the sessions online, please register by using the link below: