Author Çınar Atay
Material Type Book
Year 1997, İstanbul
ISBN No 9757078034
Dimensions 310×245 mm
Page 232 pp, Hardbound in a special slipcase
Figure 126 b/w ill. and 4 panoramas
Language in Turkish
Series Suna and İnan Kıraç Research Institute on Mediterranean Civilizations Institute Publications 3


Izmir was the most important port of the Ottoman Empire establishing its connection with the outer world. Thus, a very rich texture enriched with a variety of human panorama is formed in the second half of the 19th century when the excitement of the Mediterranean untied with the mysticism of the Orient.

The photographs are grouped into chapters as the City, Life, Professions, Costumes and Environs and reflect a synthesis of the 19th century Izmir. Three of the known oldest photos of Izmir, printed on acid-paper from paper negative and dated to 1854-56 are also included in the book. The other photos come from clichés taken by Svoboda in 1865-68, by Francis Bedford in 1862, by Rubellin, Bonfils and Joallier between 1870 and 1890 as well as images by travellers about 1890-95 and the postcards from about 1900.

Each photo is accompanied with a description, and the book ends with a chronology of Izmir, history of photography, biographies of the photographers and bibliography.