7 December 2019 - 14:30


7 December 2019 - 16:30

Stratonikeia’da Tarihsel Süreç ve Bütüncül Koruma


Stratonikeia lies within the Eskihisar neighbourhood, 7 km west of the Yatağan district in the province of Muğla in Turkey. The site is located on the road from Yatağan to Milas. Excavations and surveys at Stratonikeia show that the city has been settled uninterruptedly from the Bronze Age to the present. The name of the settlement was Atriya in Hittite Period, Khrysaoris in Archaic Period, Idrias and Hekatesia in Classical Period, Stratonikeia in Hellenistic Roman and Byzantine periods, and finally Eskihisar in the Turkish period. Throughout its history Stratonikeia suffered from many earthquakes and was rebuilt numerous times. Stratonikeia is a place where one can see and conserve monuments from antiquity as well as the Ottoman and Turkish Republic Periods. Hellenistic and Ottoman monuments face each other flanking an Ottoman street. A visitor has the opportunity to visit monuments from different periods walking on stone-paved streets of the Ottoman period. Furthermore, Stratonikeia a very unusual place for she has a holistic settlement pattern and fabric preserving all these periods side by side. Therefore the ruins from different periods are conserved in the different parts of the city. We carry out a comprehensive conservation work from different periods as a part of the excavation project. This conference is about ruins and examples of this conservation in Stratonikeia.

Bilal Söğüt, Pamukkale Üniversitesi