Online Workshop
Antiochia ad Cragum in Rough Cilicia: Recent Work / Further Insights


5:00 PM Introduction
05:20 Rhys TOWNSEND, Clark University, The Northeast Temple
05:40 Leticia RODRIGUEZ, Trinity University, Everything But a Bath: The Small Bath at Antiochia
06:00 Nisa ERKOVAN, Alanya Alaadin Keykubat University, Antiochia Architectural Documentation Works and Architectural Protection Proposals
06:20 Dennis MURPHY and Noor HYMANS, Independent Scholars, Updates on the Ancient Water Management Systems at Antiochia
06:40 Discussion / Break
07:00 Megan MOORE, Eastern Michigan University  and Emily HAMMERL, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dietary Reconstruction in Antiochia using Stable Isotopes
07:20 Tim HOWE, St. Olaf College, A Shining City on the Hill: the Acropolis of Antiochia from the Third to Ninth Centuries CE
07:40 H. Asena KIZILARSLANOĞLU, Kastamonu University,  First Observations on Ceramic Production and Commercial Activities at Antiochia
08:00 Michael HOFF, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Early Travelers to Antiochia
08:20 Discussion / Conclusion

In 2005 excavations began at the Roman-era city of Antiochia ad Cragum in western Rough Cilicia. Although scholarly interest through the past 100 years in the region was somewhat abundant, mostly it was confined to survey and epigraphical studies. No archaeological excavation had ever occurred. The onset of excavations in 2005 has brought about a wide array of historical and scientific methodologies to bear on understanding the story of this city. Since excavations began scholars and scientists are examining the city through its architecture, its ceramic production facilities, its water management system, and its cultural amenities such as its baths. Scholars are also looking at human bones to understand habitation and diet. Scholars are also looking at how early European travelers came to understand the site and recognized its location. Finally, we begin preparations to exhibit some of the most noteworthy elements of the city’s cultural heritage to visitors. This panel presentation offers glimpses into some of the various research programs on-going in the city. We hope that you will enjoy the day and come away with an understanding and appreciation for the work that is being carried out.


08 Nisan 2023 – 17:00


08 Nisan 2023 – 20:20