Daily Life in Byzantium – Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Siren Çelik

Our presentation will discuss the daily life of people in the Byzantine Empire between the 4th and 15th centuries. The Byzantine Empire was enriched by a combination of Roman, Hellenic, and Orthodox Christian cultures. The society gradually transformed from a late antique culture to a medieval one. These changes are observable in the day-to-day living of Byzantine people. Topics to be discussed include rural agricultural cycles, gender relations, home life, domesticated animals,  forums, bathhouses, churches, horse-racing stadiums, and the various languages heard in cities such as Constantinople. We will also speak about foods that have been passed down into modern Turkish and Greek cuisines. Archaeological findings, art artefacts, travel accounts, and written sources from the Byzantine era provide significant information on these topics. Additionally, visual materials such as manuscript miniatures, mosaics, objects, 3D reconstructions, and Byzantine poetry will be used to contribute to the narrative about Byzantine daily life.



April 14, 2023 – 17:30


April 14, 2023 – 19:00