Online Conference
The Kingdom of Lydia and its Cultural Traces in Anatolia
Prof. Dr. Gül Gürtekin Demir

The Lydians were famous for their rich mineral resources, fertile lands, influential kings and luxury goods. Most of the archeological data on Lydian culture comes from the comprehensive excavations carried out for many years in the Lydian capital of Sardis. Also worth mentioning are the artifacts unique to Lydian culture found across entire Lydia and in other regions. Starting with their first king Gyges and ending with Croesus, the Mermnads Dynasty organized regular offensives on Greek city-states in western Anatolia and achieved political dominance in almost all regions west of the River Halys (Kızılırmak) during the 7th and 6th centuries BC. It is possible to follow the traces of Lydian political hegemony in Anatolia from ancient sources. This conference presentation will first provide archeological and historical data on Lydian culture, and then seek traces of the data that symbolizes Lydian culture in Sardis and other Anatolian settlements.



December 08, 2021 – 19:00


December 08, 2021 – 20:00