Author Jürgen Borchhardt – Erika Bleibtreu
Editor Kayhan Dörtlük et al.
Material Type Book
Year 2013, Antalya
ISBN No 9786054018185
Dimensions 210×280 mm
Page 474 p.
Figure 269 figures
Language in German (summary in Turkish)
Translation Selma Bulgurlu Gün
Series Adalya Supplementary Series 12


This book is the product of a longitudinal and meticuluous study on Lycia and the authors endeavour to prove, using structural theories, the hypothesis that urbanism was a prerequisite for high culture during the Classical Greek period in Lycia within interdisciplinary analyses of Classical and Near Eastern archaeology. The comparative method encompassing the Assyrian, Babylonian, Urartian, Phrygian, Lydian and Persian residential (i.e. administrative central) cities casts light onto the urban development of administrative centres in the Lycian Peninsula.
Residential cities like Xanthos, Phellos and Limyra are examined following a certain scheme from west to east covering their citadels, palace/basileia, cultic monuments, state agoras, necropoleis, urban area, arsenals, military training grounds, water sources and road connections.
In order to improve understanding Pinara, Tlos and Myra are also incorporated into the study despite scarcity of sources and lack of longitudinal excavation results in the urban area and they are shown to deserve the status of the residential city…