Editor/s Taner Korkut – Satoshi Urano
Type Book
Publ. Year 2020
ISBN No. 9786057685513
Size 21.5 x 28
Page 356
Images 400 figures, 8 tables.
Language English

The ancient city of Tlos, located on the western slopes of the Akdağlar, is an important Lycian settlement that stands out with its wide hegemony area in the mountainous region, on which it rests and its geographical position dominating the Xanthos Valley. Tlos was among the important episcopal centers established in the Lycian region during the Christian Period. City Basilica of Tlos, built in the second half of the 4th century AD, is one of the earliest basilicas in Anatolia. Built in the style of the cruciform basilicas of the period, the building measures 55 x 34 x 20 m. The 600 m2 mosaic floor made in the opus tessellatum technique, covering the floor of the basilica like a carpet, along with murals, architectural elements, inscriptions, coins, seals, ceramics, glass, and anthropological findings, present significant information about the historical process of the basilica, which had been used until the 13th century AD with renovation completed in different periods.

In this book, City Basilica of Tlos is presented to the academia with the chapters of 17 academicians from different disciplines in the light of historical data and archaeological findings obtained within the scope of the studies carried out so far.