Author D. E. Danieloğlu
Editor Kayhan Dörtlük
Material Type Book
Year 2010, Antalya
ISBN No 9786054018109
Dimensions 220×140 mm.
Page 164 p.
Language in Turkish
Translation Ayşe Ozil
Series Suna – İnan Kıraç Akdeniz Medeniyetleri Araştırma Enstitüsü Çeviri Dizisi: 4


The “Translation Series” initiated a few years ago by Suna & İnan Kıraç Research Institute on Mediterranean Civilizations focuses on rare works by 19th-century travellers, which are hardly accessible and this title in the same series in somewhat different. This 189-page long travelogue in Greek was published at Anatoli Printing House in Istanbul in 1855; its most curious feature is the fact that its author Dimitri Danieloğlu was born and lived in Antalya. Danieloğlu was a member of a quite wealthy, respectful and philanthropic Greek family living “only 50 steps” from Hagia Irene (Kesik Minare) in Kaleiçi. The author, who hosted many western travellers and researchers at Antalya, regrets saying “why don’t we go and see the ancient ruins near us… It is very embarrassing to learn about these remains from the writings of English and French travellers…” and this was the main reason for the emergence of this book in your hands. No original copies of this book in any library or collection in Türkiye have been verified. One copy abroad is in Athens. The copy used for translation is the one at Erfurt University’s Gotha Research Library.
Danieloğlu gathered in five chapters of this work the notes from the 13-day long trip to Perge, Silyon, Aspendos, Side and Lara, which he visited together with four of his friends. While ancient cities and remains are described in detail – within the frame of limited information and sources of the period – social fabric of the region is revealed as a colourful, naïve, and rare picture through frequent and long dialogues and descriptions. In the appendix the author further relates to the 19th-century Antalya under headings of physical features, archaeology, society, administration, religion, customs, commerce, trade, culture and agriculture.

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