Termessos Ancient City Workshop

Termessos Ancient City Workshop – April 9, Sunday, 14:00-16:00 (11-14 Age Group)

Workshop Facilitator: Zeynep Yıldız

With Zeynep Yıldız, the author of the book “The Secret Passage Termessos”, we embark on a time travel of this mysterious city that goes back more than two thousand years. In our workshop, answers to various questions such as how the Termessians, who did not surrender to Alexander the Great, lived on these steep rocks, what they ate, what money they used, how they dressed, what language they spoke, and other mysterious legends await us.

 We are meeting with students aged between 11-14 ,who want to travel to the fullest in archeology and history with the AKMED Museum tour and cloth bag design workshop. You will leave our workshop with learning the mysteries of Termessos, as well as your book signed by Zeynep Yıldız and  a tote bag designed by yourself with the iconic images of Termessos Antique City.

 *Participation is free and quota is limited to 20 participants