AKMED awards short-term library research support at AKMED library to master’s and PhD students at thesis stage, studying history, archaeology, art history, ancient languages and cultures, architectural history and restoration-conservation in related university departments in Turkey. This program covers academicians working on the above-mentioned fields as well. Library research support covers maximum 5 nights of accommodation cost of the applicant.

Application Process and Conditions

  • Applications are open throughout the year.
  • Online application is available. Please click for the application form.
  • Only 1 application from the same applicant in 1 calendar year will be taken into consideration.
  • Applicants are expected to spend most of their time at AKMED library during the period supported. This program is open to only library research. It cannot be used for museum study, excavation and surveys or participation in cultural activities outside AKMED.
  • Application are made through filling out the online application form.
  • Applications should be completed 15 days before the accommodation will take place.
  • Applications till the end of 2021 will be taken into consideration. Applications for 2022 will be opened later.
  • The applicant students are required to send a reference letter signed by their Thesis Advisors to akmedburs@ku.edu.tr (The reference letter can be directly sent to this address by the Advisor as well.) This requirement is not valid for academicians.
  • Only written questions will be asnwered. Please send your questions to akmedburs@ku.edu.tr