Online Conference
Everyday Life in Antique Caria:
Late Antique and Early Byzantine Metal Objects from Nysa
Dr. Deniz Sever Georgousakis

As an Antique Carian city, Nysa was an important center of education and science. Inhabited from the Hellenistic period to the Anatolian Seljuk period, Nysa’s significance continued during the Early Byzantine period due to its location on the pilgrimage road from Anatolia to the Holy Land. A wide range of metal objects which were found in the excavations in Nysa come from public spaces of the city such as the forum, senate, and streets. These metal objects, including medical instruments, jugs, kitchen utensils, jewelry, knives, locks, and padlocks, reflect daily life, beliefs, and aesthetic tastes of people living in Nysa and Anatolia during the transition period to Christianity.



November 5, 2021- 19:00


November 5, 2021 – 20:00