Author Johannes Nollé
Editor Kayhan Dörtlük – Burhan Varkıvanç – Remziye Boyraz Seyhan
Material Type Book
Year 2015, İstanbul
ISBN No 9786054018239
Dimensions 150×210 mm.
Page 59 p.
Figure 22 Figures
Language in Turkish
Translation Tûbâ Erkmen
Series Money and History Series 1


This begins our new series entitled ‘Money and History’!

We would like to welcome you to the first booklet of this new series and introduce it by describing our goals. As is very well known, Anatolia has a millennia-long grand history that is rich with life. All the civilizations that have flourished in this geographical landscape have left behind a rich heritage. It is humanity’s duty to protect and appreciate this heritage, and, above all, the current inhabitants of Anatolia have to undertake this duty. Taking universal values and the awareness of these civilization as its guide, the Republic of Türkiye has taken under protection its cultural heritage dating not only after the arrival of the Turks in Anatolia but also that which precedes. As a matter of fact all the peoples who have inhabited this geography are our cultural ancestors. Those now living in the land where these had previously lived are their grandchildren.

The first target of our series is to attract more interest in the ancient period of Anatolia, to provide reliable data, and to help our readers love it. The more the people of Türkiye know about Anatolia in Antiquity the more they will be proud of it. We would like to nourish this deserved pride with knowledge and to contribute information with substance.