Dear Applicants,
We would like to announce the extension of the deadline for our scholarship and support programs, due to the extraordinary phase we are all going through associated with coronavirus. In order to facilitate the completion of application documents, the new deadline for applications is 20 April 2020.


Also, we would like to draw your attention to several issues mentioned below:


The evaluation process will be completed as scheduled with the results being announced in June. Possible updates will be announced on our website and via our social media accounts.


Project support applicants should attach all the requisite permits, if necessary, from the respective authorities regarding any excavation, survey or museum research. Support payments are realized following the completion of all supporting documents. AKMED is not responsible for the delays/cancellations of excavations or collecting these permits due to the coronavirus pandemic. AKMED has the right to cancel awarded support or scholarships; however, the applicant may reapply for the same project in 2021.


Masters and PhD students who are applying for scholarships should keep this in mind. Although scholarships are awarded in June, if their work plan includes library study, domestic or international travel, or other situations restricted by the government because of the coronavirus pandemic at that time, AKMED has the right to put such scholarships on hold until health and travel conditions are normalized.


Best regards,



AKMED provides support to projects on history, archaeology, art history, ancient languages and cultures, cultural heritage and related areas that are targeting Mediterranean world from Gibraltar to Levant. In this respect, national and international master’s students studying in related disciplines will be supported.

Application Process

  • All students enrolled in master’s programmes in history, archaeology, art history, ancient languages and cultures, architectural history and restoration-conservation departments at all universities in Turkey or abroad and in the preparation stage of their thesis are eligible to apply.
  • Applications can be submitted in Turkish or English.
  • Applications should be digitally sent to by 20 April 2020 latest. Applications received after this date will be not be taken into consideration.
  • Successful thesis proposals that are eligible for support will be announced in June on AKMED web site.

Application Documents

  • Resume that includes contact details and publication list if available.
  • Project prososal that includes thesis subject, method, aim, summary of the previous studies if available, research plan and program.
  • All required permits taken, if necessary, from the respective authority regarding any excavation, survey or museum research, should also be attached.
  • If any other means of support taken form other institutions, it should be stated.
  • Minimum 1 reference letter, signed and sent directly to AKMED by e-mail by the advisor.
  • All applications should be sent to AKMED e-mail address (Except reference letter)
  • Delivery check of the application is the applicant’s responsibility. For questions on the application process please contact Miss Özge Yanardağ (

Note: Application documents will solely be sent digitally to the referred address. Application through regular post or courier is not necessary.

Scholarship Amount

Scholarship amounts are determined by the Executive Board each year and in 2020, scholarships for MSc research projects are 4.000 TL.

The specific amounts of scholarships will be determined by the Evaluation Committee.


Research proposals of the applicants will firstly be evaluated by the Executive Board and short listed projects will be considered by the Evaluation Committee. The Committee will direct the projects to referees based on their areas of expertise. Finally the Executive Board will give its final decision on the project that will be supported by taking the referee reports and Committee evaluations into consideration.

Research Process and Finalization of the Projects

  • Interim reports are required to be submitted in 6 monthly basis following the start of the projects. All reports should be signed by the students and approved by the Thesis Advisor. Interim reports include progressive, technical, administrative and financial information regarding the project.
  • If the student status of the student is terminated, scholarship is cancelled and refund process will be initiated immediately.
  • If the project is supported any institution other than AKMED, then AKMED should be informed.
  • If two consecutive interim reports is missing, this leads to the cancellation of the scholarship and refund process will be initiated immediately.
  • Misuse of financial resources during research leads to the cancellation of the scholarship and refund process will be initiated immediately.
  • AKMED should be informed immediately, if there is any change in the thesis headline or topic. If the change is not approved by AKMED, then refund of the scholarship would be possible.
  • A copy of the thesis is required to be submitted to AKMED in 3 months after the approval of the thesis for AKMED Library users.
  • AKMED support, in all thesis and publications generated from the supported project, should be stated in the first pages as “This thesis/publication is financially supported by Koç University Suna & İnan Kıraç Research Center for Mediterranean Civizilizations”.
  • After the completion of the project, the students are required to submit a list of all spendings generated during the project. Additional documents like invoives are not necessary.
  • PhD students are required to make a presentation of their projects at a date mutually determined in AKMED. The travel costs will be covered by AKMED.
  • Publication of the thesis is the owner’s responsibility and AKMED does not apply any restrictions or measures.