Ephesos – a City of Harbors – Doç. Dr. Martin Steskal

The development of the Ephesian landscape is marked by constant geomorphological and ecological changes. Amidst the constant and at times abrupt changes of the landscape a city like Ephesos was continually in search of the “right” place. As a city of trade, the Ephesian harbors were the pivotal commercial centers. Therefore, the settlement history of Ephesos was always closely connected to the location of its harbors. The settlements had to frequently change their location to avoid losing access to the sea. We see a general tendency of a slow shift to the west.

Maintaining access to the sea proved to be one of the crucial issues in the history of Ephesos. It is a battle against the changing landscape that is lost in the end. Although the harbors of Ephesos evoke only a rudimentary image in the minds of scholars geoarchaeological, geophysical and archaeological research has led to numerous new ideas that expand our knowledge. This conference addresses these new approaches to research and provide an overview over the many harbors of Ephesos.


April 26, 2024 – 17:30


April 26, 2024 – 19:00