Author Francis Beaufort; Çevirenler: A. Neyzi – D. Türker
Editor Kayhan Dörtlük
Material Type Book
Year 2002, İstanbul
ISBN No 9757078158
Dimensions 130×205 mm
Page 315 pp, Hardbound with dust jacket
Figure b/w ill. and 1 map
Language in Turkish
Translation A. Neyzi – D. Türker
Series Çeviri Dizisi 1


Reference sources for detailed studies on the southern coast of Anatolia is led by Karamania published by the British Admiral Francis Beaufort in 1817 following his surveys starting in Izmir and halting at Ayas due to a sad event.
The work is like a narrative of travels and contains information about seafaring. It also sheds light onto the history of the south coast of Türkiye, its historical geography, archaeology and finally to the administrative and social structure in the early 19th century. The meticulous efforts of the translators Ali Neyzi and Doğan Türker kept the work as loyal to the original as possible. The modern names of the sites are given in italics within parentheses and extra footnotes by the editor are added as well as the drawings, plans, pictures and inscriptions are given as facsimiles.