No. XXVI / 2023

Güzel Öztürk

Cultural Continuity from the Kaˉrum Period to the Hittite Empire Period in Light of Stamp Seals and Impressions, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 1-35.

Müge Bulu

Contextualizing the Consumption of Syro-Cilician Ware at Tell Atchana / Alalakh (Hatay, Türkiye): A Functional Analysis, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 37-73.

Gülgüney Masalcı Şahin – Özlem Sir Gavaz

New Tablet Fragments on Dreams from the Boğazkale Archive, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 75-95.

Aytaç Dönmez – Halil Mert Erdoğan

Xanthos West Agora III: Dynastic Nele, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 97-126.

Oğuz Tekin

Weights of Alexandria in the Troad: Forms, Types, Units, and Chronology, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 127-147.

Erkan Alkaç – Beste Tomay

Amphora Stamps of the Hellenistic and Roman Periods from Myra and its Harbor Neighborhood of Andriake, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 149-169.

Mehmet Özhanlı

New Votive Plates Discovered in the Temple of Men and its Sanctuary in Pisidian Antioch, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 171-183.

Asuman Coşkun Abuagla

Nominative and Genitive Endings of Some Epichoric Personal Names in Light of Inscriptions from Tymbriada, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 185-196.

Nergis Ataç – Guntram Koch

Figürliche Reliefs frühchristlicher Zeit in Kleinasien (4.-6. / 7. Jahrhundert n.Chr.), Adalya XXVI, 2023, 197-232.

Orçun Erdoğan – Hatice Pamir

The Temple Church at Epiphaneia in Cilicia Pedias and its Terracotta Frieze, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 233-255.

Yavuz Selim Güler

A Roman Steelyard with a Control Inscription from the Roman Imperial Period in the Pera Museum, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 257-264.

Mehmet Önal – Sevcan Ölçer

Research on the History, Function and Architectural Features of the Harran Saqiyas, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 265-288.

Seçkin Evcim

The Discovery in Olympus (Lycia) of One of the Oldest Known Paintings of Christ Pantocrator with a Discussion of its Iconography, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 289-318.

Reyhan Yirşen

The Problem of Piracy in Commercial Relations between the Ottoman State and the Kingdom of Two Sicilies (Sicilyateyn) between 1740 and 1804, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 319-336.

Ahmet Kısa

Antalya Junior High School as the First Example Reflecting the Ottoman Modern Educational Approach in Antalya, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 337-361.

Evren Dayar

Three Periods of Antalya in the 19th Century, Adalya XXVI, 2023, 363-389.

No. XXV / 2022

Federico Manuelli – Giovanni Siracusano

Economies in Transformation: A Zooarchaeological Perspective from Early Iron Age Arslantepe (Southeastern Türkiye), Adalya XXV, 2022, 1-29(DOI: 10.47589/adalya.1221107)


Nihal Tüner Önen – Betül Gürel

Inscribed Ostotheks, Sarcophagi, and a Grave Stele from Phaselis, Adalya XXV, 2022, 31-43.  (DOI: 10.47589/adalya.1221128)


Dominique Kassab Tezgör

From the Miltos / Sinopis of Ancient Sinope to the Yoşa of Modern Cappadocia, Adalya XXV, 2022, 45-69(DOI: 10.47589/adalya.1221144)


Banu Yener-Marksteiner – Philip Bes

Big Brothers: Two North Pontic Amphorae of Type Zeest 83 / 89 found in Limyra, Adalya XXV, 2022, 71-88.  (DOI: 10.47589/adalya.1221203)


Melih Arslan – Richard Gordon – Yavuz Yeğin

Six Amuletic Gems in Ankara, Adalya XXV, 2022, 89-104.  (DOI: 10.47589/adalya.1221305)


Eray Dökü – Şenkal Kileci

Ares Reliefs and a New Votive Inscription to Ares in the Rural Highlands of Kabalis / Kabalia, Adalya XXV, 2022, 105-124.  (DOI: 10.47589/adalya.1221324)


Ahmet Oğuz Alp

Ancient Quarries in the Vicinity of Başara and a Local Roman Grave Stele Workshop, Adalya XXV, 2022, 125-136.  (DOI: 10.47589/adalya.1221334)


Elizabeth A. Murphy – Inge Uytterhoeven

Late Antique Industry in the Urban Public and Private Spaces of Asia Minor, Adalya XXV, 2022, 137-159.  (DOI: 10.47589/adalya.1221374)


Hale Güney – Erman Yanık

New Inscriptions from Northeast Phrygia: The 2021 Survey, Adalya XXV, 2022, 161-177.  (DOI:10.47589/adalya.1239436)


Koray Durak

The Story of Storax in the Byzantine World: A Fragrant Resin of International Fame from Southern Anatolia, Adalya XXV, 2022, 179-207.  (DOI: 10.47589/adalya.1221662)


No. XXIV / 2021

Umay Oğuzhanoğlu

What Happened Between Beycesultan XIII and XII? New Answers from Laodikeia-Kandilkırı Early Bronze Age Levels, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 1-29.


Meltem Doğan-Alparslan – K. Serdar Girginer

A Hittite Seal and Seal Impressions from Tatarlı Höyük, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 31-42.


Bülent İşler – Ş. Recai Tekoğlu

Rock-Cut Tombs and Two Lycian Inscriptions from Karabel-Çamdağı, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 43-59.


Gül Işın

The Farewell Dance to the Dead: The Dancers on the Portal of Trysa’s Heroon and the Xanthos “Dancers Sarcophagus”, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 61-77.


Gonca Cankardeş-Şenol – Aygün Ekin-Meriç

Stamps of Hellenistic Imported Amphorae Found in the Excavations of Nicaea (Iznik) Theater, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 79-99.


Pınar Çağnis

Trade Relations between Byzantion and the Black Sea Region in the Hellenistic Period: An Assessment through Recently Found Amphora Stamps, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 101-22.


Burak Arslan

The Stylistic Features and Stonework Details of the Prohedriai and Lion’s Feet in the Metropolis Theater, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 123-52.


Gürkan Ergin

Modes of Viewing the Urban Landscapes and Public Gardens of Early Imperial Rome, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 153-81.


Tuğba Taş Giese

Die Waffenreliefs im Versturz des Marktgebäudes von Kapıkaya in Pisidien, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 183-213.


Seçil Tezer Altay

A Late Recompense: The Rediscovered Monumental Octagon at Pergamon, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 215-28.


Bahar Oğuş

Animal Footprints on Roman Tiles from Perge and Aizanoi, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 229-48.


Burhan Varkıvanç – İsmail Akan Atila

A New Monumental Gate from the Roman Imperial Period on the Attaleia City Walls, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 249-68.


Ceren Ünal – İsmail Özcihan – Merve Toy

A Group of Roman and Late Antique Bone Objects Found in Ancient Tralleis, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 269-96.


Emanuela Borgia

Minima Epigraphica: On Some Roman and Byzantine Inscribed Objects from Elaiussa Sebaste (Cilicia), Adalya XXIV, 2021, 297-309.


Antonios Vratimos

Toghril Beg and Alp Arslan in the Historia of Michael Attaleiates, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 311-24.


Mustafa Nuri Tatbul

Abandonment, Continuity, Transformation: Setting Komana into Archaeological Context through the Middle Byzantine and Early Turkish Periods, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 325-53.


İklil Selçuk

Ottoman Market Regulation and Inspection in the Early Modern Period, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 355-73.


Erdoğan Aslan – L. Ufuk Erdoğan

The Underwater Recovery Excavation at Kekova Adası: Observations on the Tek Ada Shipwreck and Finds, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 375-94.


Şamil Yirşen

The Construction Process of a School: The Antalya Kaleiçi Orthodox Christian Girls’ School (Dumlupınar Secondary School) in Ottoman Archival Documents, Adalya XXIV, 2021, 395-415.

No. XXIII / 2020

Burçin Erdoğu

Capturing the Seen and Unseen in the Beldibi Rock Art, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 1-6.


Özlem Çevik – Murat Dirican – Aydın Ulubey – Osman Vuruşkan

The Galena Objects from Neolithic Ulucak: The Earliest Metallic Finds in Western Türkiye, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 7-23.


Abdullah Hacar – K. Aslıhan Yener

Anatolian Pot Marks in the 3rd Millennium BC: Signage, Early State Formation, and

Organization of Production, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 25-58.


Tuba Ökse

Reflection on the Sunrise Positions in Early and Middle Bronze Age Extramural

Cemeteries in Anatolia, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 59-85.


Sevgül Çilingir Cesur

The Timing of Ritual Performance in Hittite Texts: The “Morning” Rites, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 87-109.


Dries Daems

Reassessing the Origin of Polis in Lycia and Southwest Anatolia, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 111-31.


Fatma Şahin – Erkan Alkaç

Banded Bowls from Tepebağ Hoyuk (Cilicia Pedias), Adalya XXIII, 2020, 133-73.


Özgün Kasar – Kaan İren

Leaded Bronze Arrowheads at Daskyleion, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 175-204.


Hazar Kaba

An Elite Tomb from Soloi: New Evidence for the Funerary Archaeology of Cyprus, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 205-37.


Erkan Alkaç – Ulus Tepebaş

The Gem Stamp on the Handle of a Mushroom-rimmed Amphora from Knidos:

An Assessment of the Centauromachy in Terms of Stamps and Iconography, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 239-52.


Hüseyin Sami Öztürk – Öğül Emre Öncü

Olympos in Lycia: A Novel Assessment of its History and Localization in Light of Recent

Archaeological and Epigraphical Research, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 253-75.


Nihal Tüner Önen

Two New Inscriptions from the Claudian Period at Perge, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 277-87.


Handegül Canlı

A Unique Roman Folding Knife Handle with Eagle Ornament from Philadelphia in Cilicia, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 289-96.


Şenkal Kileci – Birol Can

A New Honorific Inscription from Blaundos: Tiberius Claudius Lucius, the Priest of

Dionysos Kathegemon, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 297-309.


Ahmet Tolga Tek – Hacer Sancaktar

A Numismatic Riddle from Arykanda: The God of the Water Spring, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 311-41.


Mark Wilson

The Discovery of a Menorah in Attalia (Kaleici, Antalya) and its Significance for

Jewish Communities in Pamphylia, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 343-60.


Özgü Çömezoğlu Uzbek

A North African Plate Unearthed in the Andriake Excavations, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 361-75.


Philip Bes

Early Byzantine Pottery from Limyra’s West and East Gate Excavations, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 377-407.


Nilgün Elam

Ecclesiastical Personages of Side (Σίδη) of Pamphylia according to Literary and Sphragistic Data, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 409-50.


Ömür Bakırer

Window Glass from the Excavations in the Seljuk Palace at Alanya, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 451-78.


Mahmut Demir – Terrance Michael Patrick Duggan – Erkan Kurul

Observations and Assessments of Some Epigraphic Graffiti Found on Entrances in

Kaleici/Antalya, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 479-96.


Ayşe Ozil

A Traveller in One’s Homeland: Local Interest in Archaeology and Travel Writing in the

Ottoman Greek World in 19th Century Anatolia, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 497-515.


Alex Rodriguez Suarez

Two Church Bells from Antalya: Traces of the Religious Soundscape of the Late Ottoman Period, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 517-32.

No. XXII / 2019

Ralf Becks – Betül Fındık,
New Middle Paleolithic Finds from the Lake District,  Adalya XXII, 2019, 1–10.


İrfan Deniz Yaman,
Prehistoric Paintings in the Keçe Cave (Kahramanmaraş–Elbistan), Adalya XXII, 2019, 11– 24.


Taner Korkut – Turan Takaoğlu – Kudret Sezgin,
Pre–Classical Habitation at Tlos, Lycia, Adalya XXII, 2019, 25–44.


Güzel Öztürk,
Post–Akkadian and Ur III Features on Cylinder Seals from Kültepe–Kanesh: An Iconographic and Stylistic Analysis, Adalya XXII, 2019, 45–67.


Tevfik Emre Şerifoğlu,
Kilise Tepe in Rough Cilicia before the Late Bronze Age: An Overview of the Architecture, Pottery Traditions, and Cultural Contacts, Adalya XXII, 2019, 69–100.


Aslıhan Yurtsever Beyazıt,
New Assessments of the Middle and Late Bronze Age Pottery Recovered in the First Excavation Period at Tilmen Höyük, Adalya XXII, 2019, 101–144.


Claudia Devoto,
Some Remarks on the Chronology of the First Coins of Knossos, Crete, Adalya XXII, 2019, 145–165.


İnci Türkoğlu,
Civic Coinage of Keramos in Caria, Adalya XXII, 2019, 167–200.


Tetiana Shevchenko,
Attributes of the Mother of the Gods on Terracottas from Olbia Pontike and Asia Minor,
Adalya XXII, 2019, 201–221.


Julian Bennett,
The Annexation of Galatia Reviewed,  XXII, 2019, 223–257.


Fatih Onur
An Investigation around Kragos in Lycia: The Question of Sidyma and Kalabatia, Adalya XXII, 2019, 259–296.


Havva İşkan – Şevket Aktaş,
Überlegungen zu einem Artemis–Relief aus Patara, Adalya XXII, 2019, 297–318.


Fatma Avcu – Hüseyin Uzunoğlu,
The Ancient Roads and Routes around Sidyma and New Inscriptions from its Vicinity, Adalya XXII, 2019, 319–344.


Emel Erten – Emine Akkuş Koçak,
Glass Finds from the Monastery at Olba,  Adalya XXII, 2019, 345–262.


Ahmet Dönmez,
The Role of James Brant in the Process of Structural Changes in British Consulates, Adalya XXII, 2019, 363–379.


Fatma Şimşek,
The Role of the Islands and Islanders in the Illegal Felling and Smuggling of Timber from the Ottoman Mediterranean and

Aegean Coastlines in the 19th C., Adalya XXII, 2019, 381–400.


Mine Esmer,
Evaluating Repairs and Interventions of the Fethiye Camii through the Perspective of Contemporary Conservation Ethics

and Principles,  Adalya XXII, 2019, 401–427.

No. XXI / 2018

Gizem Kartal, 
The Neolithic Cave Settlements of the Antalya Region in Southwestern Anatolia:
A Comparative Perspective in Terms of Chipped Stone Assemblages, Adalya XXI, 2018, 1-18.


Derya Yalçıklı,
Two Neolithic Ritual Centers in East Mysia (NW Türkiye): The Baltalıin and İnkaya Caves, Adalya XXI, 2018, 19-44.


Nurcan Kayacan, 
Oval Points and Cattle-Hunting Practices in Central Anatolia during the 8th Millennium BC, Adalya XXI, 2018, 45-61.


Yalçın Kamış, 
Acemhöyük Buluntuları Işığında Erken Tunç Çağı’nda Orta Anadolu’nun Güneyinde
Çark Yapımı Seramiğin Ortaya Çıkışı,  Adalya XXI, 2018, 63-83.


Murat Akar – Demet Kara,
Into the Hinterland: The Middle Bronze Age Building at Toprakhisar Höyük, Altınözü (Hatay, Türkiye), Adalya XXI, 2018, 85-115.


Gonca Dardeniz – K. Serdar Girginer – Özlem Oyman-Girginer, 
A Pottery Kiln from Tatarlı Höyük (Adana, Türkiye) and its Implications for Late Bronze Age Pottery Production in Cilicia and Beyond,

Adalya XXI, 2018, 117-134.


S. Gökhan Tiryaki, 
The Sanctuary with the Relief of the “Twelve Gods” in the Elmalı Highlands: On the Iconography of “Leto, her children, and the Nymphs” in Ancient Southwest Anatolia, Adalya XXI, 2018, 135-150.


Elif Özer – Murat Taşkıran,
The Sillyon Main City Gate, Adalya XXI, 2018, 151-173.


Şükrü Özüdoğru – Düzgün Tarkan,
Kibyra Geç Antikçağ Hamamı, Adalya XXI, 2018, 175-210.


Mustafa Adak,
Die Melas-Brücke bei Kotenna und die Familie des Stanamoas, Adalya XXI, 2018, 211-228.


Urs Peschlow,
Die Gabriel-Platte in Antalya. Rekonstruktion und ursprünglicher Kontext,  Adalya XXI, 2018, 229-244.
Ünal Demirer – Nilgün Elam, 
Lead Seals of the Kibyra Excavations, Adalya XXI, 2018, 245-276.


Aytaç Dönmez, 
Xanthos West Agora II: Alteration and Transformation in the Byzantine Period, Adalya XXI, 2018, 277-314.


Metin – Salih Soslu, 
The Altıkapılı Cave Church at Pisidia, Adalya XXI, 2018, 315-333.


Merih Erol, 
Becoming Protestant: Greek Orthodox Responses to Conversion in 19th-Century Ottoman Anatolia, Adalya XXI, 2018, 335-362.


Evren Dayar, 
1853 Antalya İsyanı, Adalya XXI, 2018, 363-378.


Funda Solmaz Şakar – Neriman Şahin Güçhan,
Building System Characterization of Traditional Architecture in Cappadocia, Türkiye, Adalya XXI, 2018, 379-409.


No. XX / 2017

Rana Özbal,
Reconsidering Identity in the Halaf World: A Study of Coarse Wares in Sixth Millennium North Mesopotamia,, Adalya XX, 2017, 1-20.
Abdullah Hacar,
İlk Tunç Çağı’na Tarihlenen Anadolu Metalik Çanak Çömleğine İlişkin Yeni Bilgiler:
Göltepe Buluntuları, Adalya XX, 2017, 21-40.
Bekir Özer,
Pedasa Athena Kutsal Alanı Arkaik Dönem Kıbrıs Mortarları ve Bölgeler Arası Ticari
İlişkilerdeki Rolü, Adalya XX, 2017, 41-67.
Elçin Doğan Gürbüzer – Cennet Pişkin Ayvazoğlu,
Klaros’tan Pişmiş Toprak Barbitoslu Figürinlerin İkonografisi , Adalya XX, 2017, 69-82.
Gökhan Çoşkun,
A One-Edged Curved Sword from Seyitömer Höyük, Adalya XX, 2017, 83-109.
Sevgi Sarıkaya,
The Diplomatic and Strategic Maneuvers of Tissaphernes, Satrap of Sardis, Adalya XX, 2017, 111-133.
Marko Kiessel,
Hof- und Fassadengräber auf der Karpashalbinsel Zyperns? Bemerkungen zu Kammergräbern in der Flur „Spilious“ nahe Aphendrika, Adalya XX, 2017, 135-156.
Erkan Dündar – Ali Akın Akyol,
Unguentarium Production at Patara and a New Unguentarium Form: Archaeological and Archaeometric Interpretation, Adalya XX, 2017, 157-179.
Hülya Kökmen Seyirci,
Ksanthos Güney Kent Kapısı ve Evreleri, Adalya XX, 2017, 181-211.
Julian Bennett,
“Becoming a Roman”: Anatolians in the Imperial Roman Navy, Adalya XX, 2017, 213-240.
Lisa Peloschek – Martin Seyer – Banu Yener-Marksteiner – Philip Bes,
Limestone, Diorite and Radiolarite: First Petrographic Data of Fired Clay Objects from Limyra (Southwest Türkiye), Adalya XX, 2017, 241-266.
Burhan Varkıvanç,
The Stone Architecture of the Proskene of the Theater in Kaunos,  Adalya XX, 2017, 267-289.
Ümit Aydınoğlu,
Doğu Dağlık Kilikia’daki Kırsal Yerleşimlerde Peristyl Avlulu Konutlar, Adalya XX, 2017,  291-314.
Pınar Özlem-Aytaçlar,
Some Inscriptions from Pisidia, Adalya XX, 2017, 315-322.
Guntram Koch,
Gökçen Kurtuluş Öztaşkın – Sinan Sertel,
Olympos Piskoposluk Kilisesi’ndeki Nef Ayırımı Düzenlemeleri ve Levha Yanı Uygulaması, Adalya XX, 2017, 357-373.
Peter Talloen – Ralf Vandam – Manuela Broisch – Jeroen Poblome,
A Byzantine Church Discovered in the Village of Ağlasun (Burdur): Some More Light on Dark Age Pisidia, Adalya XX, 2017, 375-404.
İzzet Duyar – Derya Atamtürk,
Tlos (Seydikemer, Muğla) Kazılarında Ortaya Çıkartılan Orta Bizans Dönemi İskeletlerinde
Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı, Adalya XX, 2017, 405-421.
Ebru Fındık,
Bir Güzellik Nesnesi Olarak Cam Bilezikler: Demre/Myra Aziz Nikolaos Kilisesi Buluntuları
(1989-2016), Adalya XX, 2017, 423-448.
Güven Dinç,
The Social and Economic Status of the Rum (Greeks) of Antalya in the First Half of the
19th Century, Adalya XX, 2017, 449-490.
Book Review
Netice Yıldız,
A New Book about Kyrenia, the Harbour Town of Cyprus,  Adalya XX, 2017, 491-497.

No. XIX / 2016

Hande Bulut,
Karain Mağarası Örnekleri Işığında Bark Extractor (Ağaç Kabuğu Soyucu): Yeni Bir Öneri, ADALYA XIX, 2016, 1-16.
Emma L. Baysal,
Beadwork in a Basket: An Ornamental Item from the Final Halaf Level of Mersin Yumuktepe, Adalya XIX, 2016, 17-29.
Gonca Dardeniz
Cultic Symbolism at the City Gates: Two Metal Foundation Pegs from Tell Atchana,
Alalakh (Türkiye), Adalya XIX, 2016, 31-50.
S. Gökhan Tiryaki,
Demir Çağ Milyas Mezarlıkları ve Ölü-Gömme Gelenekleri Üzerine Bir Ön-Değerlendirme, Adalya XIX, 2016, 51-74.
Pınar Bursa Sturtevant,
Eskiçağ’da Anadolu’nun Güney ve Batısında Yer Alan Bölgelerde Balık ve Balıkçılık, Adalya XIX, 2016, 75-94.
Laura Slatkin,
Sophocles’ Antigone and the Paradoxes of Language, Adalya XIX, 2016, 95-102.
Hüseyin Sami Öztürk,
Myra’dan Lykia Birliği Rahibi Platon ile Ailesinin Onurlandırılması,  Adalya XIX, 2016, 103-114.
Ebru N. Akdoğu Arca,
Lykia’ya Özgü Bir Kavram Olarak Sitometroumenoi Andres’i Plinius’un X,
116/117. Mektupları Işığında Yeniden Değerlendirme, Adalya XIX, 2016, 115-132.
Murat Tozan,
Some Remarks on the Date of Caesar’s Capture by Cilician Pirates, Adalya XIX, 2016, 133-150.
Hakan Öniz,
Demre Beymelek Gölü’nde Sualtında Kalmış Liman ve Yapı Formları, Adalya XIX, 2016, 151-168.
Işıl R. Işıklıkaya-Laubscher,
Perge Mozaik Atölyeleri ve Akdeniz Havzası Mozaik Ekolleri İçerisindeki Yeri, Adalya XIX, 2016, 169-227.
Mark Wilson,
Saint Paul in Pamphylia: Intention, Arrival, Departure,  Adalya XIX, 2016, 229-250.
Hatice Pamir – Nilüfer Sezgin,
The Sundial and Convivium Scene on the Mosaic from the Rescue Excavation in a
Late Antique House of Antioch, Adalya XIX, 2016, 251-280.
Elmon Hançer,
Kilikya Ermeni Prensliği’nin İkinci Başkenti Anavarza, Adalya XIX, 2016, 281-312.
Cemal Bali Akal,
Rencontres Méditerranéennes autour de Spinoza. Asaf Hâlet, Pessoa, Calvino… et l’inconnue Maria Barbas, Adalya XIX, 2016, 313-321.
Marko Kiessel – Sevinç Kurt – Yasemin Mesda,
The Abandoned Khan of Louroujina, Cyprus: A Case Study of a Vanishing Building Type, Adalya XIX, 2016, 323-347.
Erin L. Thompson,
J. Paul Getty’s Motivations for Collecting Antiquities, Adalya XIX, 2016, 349-366.
Kemal Reha Kavas,
Akdeniz Yaylalarında Transhümant Mekân Örüntülerinin Karşılaştırmalı Analizi:
Belgeler Işığında Antalya (Türkiye) ve Abruzzo (İtalya), Adalya XIX, 2016, 367-395.
François Hartog,
La présence du témoin, Adalya XIX, 2016, 397-408.

No. XVIII / 2015

İrfan Deniz Yaman,
Orta Paleolitik Dönem’de Karain Mağarası E ve B Gözleri Arasındaki Bağlantı, Adalya XVIII, 2015, 1-31.
Ralf Becks,
Eine chalkolithische Höhlensiedlung in Pisidien: İncirdere Mağarası, Adalya XVIII, 2015, 33-43.
Tarkan Kahya – H. Ali Ekinci,
Temples to the Mother Goddess Discovered on the Düver Peninsula, Adalya XVIII, 2015, 45-71.
F. Eray Dökü,
Manca ve Hasanpaşa’daki Yeni Bulgular Işığında Kabalis Ölü Gömme Geleneklerinin Yeniden Değerlendirilmesi, Adalya XVIII, 2015, 73-100.
İnci Delemen – Emine Koçak – H. Ali Ekinci,
Two Bronze Heads from Melli / Kocaaliler near Burdur, Adalya XVIII, 2015, 101-120.
Nihal Tüner Önen – Fatih Yılmaz,
A New Athena Polias Votive Inscription from the Phaselis’ Acropolis, Adalya XVIII, 2015,121-131.
Rinse Willet – Jeroen Poblome,
The Scale of Sagalassos Red Slip Ware Production – Reconstructions of Local Need and Production Output of Roman Imperial Tableware, Adalya XVIII, 2015,133-157.
Hüseyin Sami Öztürk,
Kocain (Antalya) Eirenarkhes, Anteirenarkhes ile Diogmites Yazıtlarının Yeniden Değerlendirilmesi, Adalya XVIII, 2015, 159-180.
Burhan Varkıvanç,
Periaktoi at the Theatre of Kaunos, Adalya XVIII, 2015, 181-202.
Gamze Kaymak,
Side P Tapınağı’nda Yeni Araştırmalar, Yeni Bulgular ve Yeni Yorumlar, Adalya XVIII, 2015, 203-240.
Murat Durukan,
Geç Antik Çağ’da Doğu Akdeniz’deki Ekonomik Gelişmenin Nedenleri: İpek Yolu ve Baharat Yolu’nun Rolü, LR1 Amphoraları ve Kilikia’daki Diğer Kanıtlar, Adalya XVIII, 2015, 241-257.
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Christianity in Lycia: From its beginnings to the “Triumph of Orthodoxy”, Adalya XVIII, 2015, 259-287.
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Ebru Fatma Fındık,

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Kemal Reha Kavas,

Environmental Anesthesia and False Vernacular Architecture: The Case Study of the Western Taurus Mountains, Adalya XVIII, 2015, 325-350.

No. XVII / 2014

Nikos Efstratiou – Paolo Biagi – Elisabetta Starnini,
The Epipalaeolithic Site of Ouriakos on the Island of Lemnos and its Place in the Late Pleistocene Peopling of the East Mediterranean Region, Adalya XVII, 2014, 1-23.
Süleyman Özkan –  Mücella Erdalkıran,
Yeni Buluntuların Işığında Çukurkent Neolitik Yerleşimi, Adalya XVII, 2014, 25-43.
Hale Güney,
Same Type, Different Legend: Anchiale or Soloi?, Adalya XVII, 2014, 45-54.
H. Asena Kızılarslanoğlu –  Erkan Alkaç,
Elaiussa’da Ele Geçen Hellenistik Dönem Rhodos Amphora ve Amphora Mühürleri, Adalya XVII, 2014, 55-68.
Deniz Kaplan,
Doğu Dağlık Kilikia’da (Olba Bölgesi) Erken İmparatorluk Dönemi’nde İmar Hareketliliğindeki Durgunluk ve Isodom Kuleler: Dağlık Kilikia-Isauria İsyanları, Adalya XVII, 2014, 69-83.
Hamdi Şahin – Aşkım Özdizbay,
Dağlık Kilikia Kurşun Kalesi Tapınağı ve Stoasına İlişkin Yeni Öneriler, Adalya XVII, 2014, 85-121.
İnci Delemen – Emine Koçak,
The Dancing Attis: A Bronze Statue from the Macellum, Adalya XVII, 2014, 123-144.
B. Ayça Polat Becks – Hüseyin Metin,
Pisidia’dan Plouton-Kore Betimli Bir Adak Steli ve Yöre Kültü Hakkında Düşündürdükleri, Adalya XVII, 2014, 145-158.
Filiz Cluzeau,
An Homeric Dream Oracle from Termessos, Adalya XVII, 2014, 159-179.
Emma L. Baysal – Hugh Elton,
A tomb with a view: the rock-cut cemetery at Alahan in Isauria, Adalya XVII, 2014, 181-208.
Mehmet Oktan – Gülcan Şaroğlu,
Eine neue Widmungsinschrift des Statthalters Valerius Diogenes für Konstantin den Großen aus dem pisidischen Antiochia, Adalya XVII, 2014, 209-220.
Nevzat Çevik – Süleyman Bulut,
Andriake Doğu Hamamı: Bölgenin Hamam Mimarlığına Işık Tutan Yeni Bir Örnek, Adalya XVII, 2014, 221-262.
Eric Laufer – Johannes Lipps,
Eine frühbyzantinische Kirche beim pisidischen Pednelissos und ihre kaiserzeitlichen Spolien, Adalya XVII, 2014, 263-279.
Çiğdem Gençler-Güray –  Nilüfer Peker,
A Figure-Engraved Glass Bowl from the early Byzantine Period, Adalya XVII, 2014, 281-294.
Hatice Durgun,
XIX. yy.’da Elmalı Abdal Musa Dergâhı Şeyhliği ve Vakıflarına Yönelik Müdahaleler, Adalya XVII, 2014, 295-309.
Mehmet Ak,
Antalya’da İdari Yapı ve Nüfus (1915), Adalya XVII, 2014, 311-350.

No. XVI / 2013

Refik Duru,
Burdur Bölgesi Prehistorik Kültür Dönemlerinin İsimlendirilmesiyle İlgili Bazı Düşünceler, Adalya XVI, 2013, 1-14.
Ralf Becks,
Prehistoric Island and Lake-Shore Settlements in the Lake District of Southwest Anatolia, Adalya XVI, 2013, 15-30.
Özdemir Koçak – Mustafa Bilgin,
Afyonkarahisar Üçin Buluntuları Işığında Batı Anadolu Prehistoryası Üzerine Yeni Gözlemler, Adalya XVI, 2013, 31-48.
Gülsün Umurtak,
Some Comments on a Few Intriguing Seals Found in the EBA Settlements at Hacılar Büyük Höyük and a Seal from Burdur Museum, Adalya XVI, 2013, 49-59.
Dinçer Savaş Lenger,
Yeni Bulgular Işığında Kaunos’a Atfedilen Makedon Krali Darpları, Adalya XVI, 2013, 61-69.
Ferit Baz,
Aspendos Kentinde İmparator Kültüne İlişkin Gözlemler, Adalya XVI, 2013, 71-83.
Özgür Turak,
Perge’nin Kuzey-güney Doğrultulu Sütunlu Caddesi’nden İdeal Bir Kadın Başı, Adalya XVI, 2013, 85-92.
Nihal Tüner Önen,
Hadrians Reisen im östlichen Mittelmeer anhand neuer Inschriften aus Phaselis, Adalya XVI, 2013, 93-106.
Hüseyin Sami Öztürk – Ceren Pilevneli,
Halûk Perk Müzesi’nden Lucius Artorius Marcianus’un Zeus Keraunios’a Adağı, Adalya XVI, 2013, 107-118.
A. Oğuz Alp,
Aksu – Zindan Mağarası ΜHTHP ΘΕΩΝ ΟΥΕΓΕΙΝΟΣ Kutsal Alanının Restitüsyonu, Adalya XVI, 2013, 119-140.
Emanuele Casagrande Cicci,
The Bathing Complexes of Anazarbos and the Baths of Cilicia, Adalya XVI, 2013, 141-166.
Erkan Dündar,
Remarks on the Possible Uses of a Late Cnidian Stamped Amphora from Patara, Adalya XVI, 2013, 167-175.
F. Eray Dökü –  M. Can Kaya,
The Architecture and Function of the Stadium of Kibyra, Adalya XVI, 2013, 177-201.
Julian Bennett,
CIG 9155B (Anazarbos): An Epigraphic Record of a numerus Phalangarium?, Adalya XVI, 2013, 203-211.
Diether Schürr,
Beobachtungen zu den Zwölfgötter-Reliefs in Lykien, Adalya XVI, 2013, 213-223.
Mehmet Özsait – Guy Labarre – Murat Arık – İlhan Güceren,
Nouvelles inscriptions sur le territoire d’Apollonia Mordiaion, Adalya XVI, 2013, 225-239.
Marko Kiessel,
Spätantike Kapitellausstattungen in Zypern. Das Thermen-Gymnasium von Salamis/Constantia und der Forumbereich von Kourion, Adalya XVI, 2013, 241-260.
Serra Durugönül – Deniz Kaplan – Ulus Tepebaş,
Adrassos’da (Isauria) Paganizm ve Hıristiyanlık Arasında Bir Lahit, Adalya XVI, 2013, 261-284.
Bülent İşler,
Orta Likya’da Erken Bizans Dönemi Yerleşimleri ve Kırsal Konut Mimarisi, Adalya XVI, 2013, 285-304.
Özgü Çömezoğlu,
Andriake B Kilisesi’nden Bronz Objeler, Adalya XVI, 2013, 305-320.

No. XV / 2012

Işın Yalçınkaya – Kadriye Özçelik,
Karain Mağarası’nın Kültürel ve Çevresel Verileri Işığında Anadolu Orta Paleolitik’inin Değerlendirilmesi, Adalya XV, 2012, 1-12.
Tarkan Kahya,
The Rock-cut Tomb on the Düver Peninsula: An Early Example from Pisidia and Remarks on Cultural Interactions, Adalya XV, 2012, 13-32.
Hatice Pamir – İnanç Yamaç,
Antiokheia ad Orontes Suyolları, Adalya XV, 2012, 33-64.
H. Şahin,
Korykion Antron’daki Tapınak Zeus Tapınağı mıdır?, Adalya XV, 2012, 65-79.
Filiz Dönmez-Öztürk,
Ordo Senatoriusa Mensup Lykialıların Prosopografyası, Adalya XV, 2012, 81-113.
Julian Bennett,
The Garrison of Cilicia during the Principate, Adalya XV, 2012, 115-128.
Ümit Aydınoğlu,
Kanytella Nekropolisi: Yeni Buluntular Işığında Bir Değerlendirme, Adalya XV, 2012, 129-158.
Senem Özden-Gerçeker,
Two Italian Sigillata Fragments from Perge, Adalya XV, 2012, 159-170.
Mehmet Özsait – Guy Labarre – Nesrin Özsait – İlhan Güceren,
Sites et statuts des communautés en Pisidie: l’exemple des Hadrianoi et des Moulasseis, Adalya XV, 2012, 171-201.
Aliye Erol-Özdizbay,
Perge Sikkelerinde Agonistik Ödül Taçları, Adalya XV, 2012, 203-221.
Özgür Turak,
An Attic-Type Dionysiac Sarcophagus from Perge, Adalya XV, 2012, 223-245.
Ayşe Aydın,
Dağlık Kilikia’da Yeni Keşfedilen Merkezi Planlı Yapılara İki Örnek: Küstüllü-Felicek ve Hisar’daki Tetrakonkhos Planlı Yapılar, Adalya XV, 2012, 247-264.
Georges Kiourtzian,
Selçukluları Beklerken: 1199’un Küçük Asya’sında Alanya Surlarından Bir Yazıt, Adalya XV, 2012, 265-274.
Nida Naycı,
Integrated Management Policies in Archaeological Sites and the Involvement of Local People: Proposals for the Ancient Olba Territorium, Mersin, Adalya XV, 2012, 275-306.

No. XIV / 2011

Gülsün Umurtak,
Understanding the Hacılar II Settlement,  Adalya XIV, 2011, 1-16.
Mustafa Bulba,
Kaunos Demeter Kayalığından ele geçen Kıbrıs Heykelcikleri, Adalya XIV, 2011, 17-30.
Alice Landskron,
Zur Komposition der Friese auf der Nord- und Ostseite des Heroons von Trysa, Adalya XIV, 2011, 31-56.
Christian Marek,
Kaunos und Lykien, Adalya XIV, 2011, 57-62.
Alime Çankaya – Hüseyin Köker,
Dumancık Kistophor Definesi, Adalya XIV, 2011, 63-70.
Ümit Aydınlıoğlu – Ümit Çakmak,
A Rural Settlement in the Rough Cilicia-Isauria Region: Karakabaklı, Adalya XIV, 2011, 71-101.
Fatih Onur,
Gagates: θαυμάσιος λίθος Antikçağ’da Meşhur bir Taşın Kullanım Alanları ve Yataklarının Yeriyle İlgili Bir Değerlendirme, Adalya XIV, 2011, 103-118.
Julian Bennett,
Why did Claudius Annex Lycia?, Adalya XIV, 2011, 119-136.
Murat Durukan,
Olba Teritoryumunda Hellenleştirme ve Romalılaştırma Politikalarının Arkeolojik İzleri, Adalya XIV, 2011, 137-188.
Murat Arslan –  Nihal Tüner Önen,
Akdeniz’in Korsan Yuvaları: Kilikia, Pamphylia, Lykia ve Ionia Bölgelerindeki Korykoslar, Adalya XIV, 2011, 189-206.
Gürkan Ergin,
How to Transform an Isaurian into a Subject? The Roman Army as a Foucaultian Technology of Power, Adalya XIV, 2011, 207-222.
Burhan Varkıvanç – H. Kökmen,
Attaleia’nın Anıtsal Mezarları Üzerine Bazı Gözlemler, Adalya XIV, 2011, 223-235.
N. Eda Akyürek Şahin,
Antalya Müzesi’nden İki Hekateion, Adalya XIV, 2011, 237-257.
Hüseyin Sami Öztürk – Hakkı Emirhan Süel,
Tloslu Ptolemaios’un Mezar Yazıtı, Adalya XIV, 2011, 259-265.
Mehmet Özsait – G. Labarre – Nesrin Özsait,
Nouvelles inscriptions et monuments de la vallée d’Apollonia (Phrygie-Pisidie), Adalya XIV, 2011, 267-286.
Serra Durugönül,
Silifke Müzesi’nden Dionysos-Pan Heykeli ve İki Torso, Adalya XIV, 2011,
İnci Delemen,
The Colossal Statue of Lucius Verus Recently Discovered in Perge, Adalya XIV, 2011, 297-314.
Ayşe Aydın,
Side Müzesi’ndeki Sigma Formlu Tabla, Adalya XIV, 2011, 315-326.
Altan Çetin,
Memlûklerin Kıbrıs ile İlişkileri, Adalya XIV, 2011, 327-344.

No. XIII / 2010

Cevdet Merih Erek,
A new Epi-Paleolithic Site in the Northeast Mediterranean Region: Direkli Cave (Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye), Adalya XIII, 2010, 1-17.
Gülsün Umurtak,
Questions Arising from a Bulla Found in the EBA II Settlement at Bademağacı, Adalya XIII, 2010, 19-27.
Nevzat Çevik –  İsa Kızgut –  Süleyman Bulut,
Rhodiapolis, as a Unique Example of Lycian Urbanism, Adalya XIII, 2010, 29-63.
Hamdi Şahin – Fethi Ahmet Yüksel – Ziya Görücü,
Korykion Antron ve Göztepesi: Eski Problemler, Yeni Bulgular, Yeni Çözüm Önerileri, Adalya XIII, 2010, 65-89.
Mehmet Özsait – Guy Labarre – Nesrin Özsait – İlhan Güceren,
Taşkapı: un chôrion sur le territoire d’Adada?, Adalya XIII, 2010, 91-109.
Guntram Koch,
Sarkophage der römischen Kaiserzeit in der Türkei, Ein Überblick (mit einer Bibliographie) Adalya XIII, 2010, 111-182.
İnci Delemen,
A Bust of Antinous from Perge, Adalya XIII, 2010, 183-194.
Aşkım Özdizbay,
Perge’den bir İmparator Kültü Rahibi Portresini Kimliklendirme Önerisi, Adalya XIII, 2010, 195-203.
Heidemarie Koch,
Die Feldzüge Shapurs d. Gr. (240-271 n.Chr.) Anatolien um die Mitte des 3. Jahrhunderts n.Chr., Adalya XIII, 2010, 205-222.
Pınar Özlem Aytaçlar,
Some Unpublished Inscriptions in the Isparta Museum, Adalya XIII, 2010, 223-241.
Ümit Aydınlıoğlu,
The Farms in Rough Cilicia in the Roman and Early Byzantine Periods, Adalya XIII, 2010, 243-282.
Paul Kessener,
Stone Sawing Machines of Roman and Early Byzantine Times in the Anatolian Mediterranean, Adalya XIII, 2010, 283-304.
Ayşe Aydın,
Adana Müzesi’ndeki Altıgen Gövdeli Buhurdan, Adalya XIII, 2010, 305-320.
Celal Şimşek – Barış Yener,
An Ivory Relief of Saint Thecla, Adalya XIII, 2010, 321-334.
Nevzat Çevik – Özgü Çömezoğlu –  Hüseyin Sami Öztürk –  İnci Türkoğlu,
A Unique Discovery in Lycia: The Ancient Synagogue at Andriake, Port of Myra, Adalya XIII, 2010, 335-366.
Zeliha Demirel Gökalp – Şener Yıldırım,
Lykia Olympos’unda Bir Restitüsyon Denemesi, Adalya XIII, 2010, 367-387.
Engin Akyürek – Ayça Tiryaki,
Rhodiapolis Piskoposluk Kilisesi Kazılarından Üç Mimari Plastik Eser Üzerine Değerlendirmeler, Adalya XIII, 2010, 389-403.
Z. Kenan Bilici,
Alanya-Selçuklu Sarayı Kazılarında Bulunan Alçı Bezeme Parçaları Üzerine Bazı Gözlemler, Adalya XIII, 2010, 405-416.
Ali Akın Akyol – Yusuf Kağan Kadıoğlu – Şahinde Demirci,
Antalya Yivli Minare Arkeometri Çalışmaları, Adalya XIII, 2010, 417-431.

No. XII / 2009

Gülsün Umurtak,
A Study of three numerical (!) Tablets and a Stamp Seal from the Early Bronze Age Settlement a Bademağacı Höyük, Adalya XII, 2009,1-10.
Mustafa Bulba,
Frühe kaunische Keramik – Karisch oder Lykisch?, Adalya XII, 2009, 11-27.
Sedef Çokay-Kepçe,
The Pottery from Burdur Uylupınar Necropolis, Adalya XII, 2009, 29-76.
Murat Durukan,
The Connection of Eastern and Central Cilicia with Piracy, Adalya XII, 2009, 77-102.
Hüseyin Sami Öztürk – Halûk Perk,
A Votive Offering to Meter Tymenaia, Adalya XII, 2009, 103-106.
Serra Durugönül,
Terracotta Statuette of “Bathing Aphrodite”?, Adalya XII, 2009, 107-116.
Guntram Koch,
Klinen-Deckel lokaler Sarkophage der Kaiserzeit in Kleinasien, Adalya XII, 2009, 117-143.
İsa Kızgut – Süleyman Bulut – Nevzat Çevik,
An East Lycian City: Idebessos, Adalya XII, 2009, 145-172.
İnci Delemen,
Two New Potrait Heads with Priestly Crowns from Perge, Adalya XII, 2009, 173-184.
Julian Bennett,
A Prefect of the ala I Ulpia Dromedariorum Palmyrenorum milliaria from Attaleia? IGR 3.777 re-assessed, Adalya XII, 2009, 185-195.
Mehmet Özsait – Guy Labarre – Nesrin Özsait,
Timbriada et Tynada (Pisidie), Adalya XII, 2009, 197-219.
Hamdi Şahin,
A new dedication to Athena from Diocaesarea (Uzunburç), Adalya XII, 2009, 221-230.
Nevzat Çevik – İsa Kızgut – Süleyman Bulut,
Rhodiapolis Baths: The First Evaluation Following the Excavations and its Contribution to the Knowledge on Lycian Baths Architecture and Technique, Adalya XII, 2009, 231-260.
Nuray Gökalp –  Ebru N. Akdoğu Arca,
Antalya’dan Yeni Adak Yazıtları, Adalya XII, 2009, 261-275.
Ayşe Aydın,
Burdur ve Side Müzesi’ndeki Figürlü İki Buhurdan, Adalya XII, 2009, 277-297.
Fatih Onur,
The Roman Army in Pamphylia: From the Third to Sixth Centuries A.D., Adalya XII, 2009, 299-318.
Demet Ulusoy Binan – Can Binan,
Ağzıkara Han Örneğinde Anadolu Selçuklu Dönemi Taşçı İşaretlerinin Belgelenmesi Üzerine Sistematik Bir Yaklaşım, Adalya XII, 2009, 319-345.
Scott Redford,
The Inscription of the Kırkgöz Hanı and the Problem of Textual Transmission in Seljuk Anatolia, Adalya XII, 2009, 347-359.
Ömür Dilek Erdal,
Demre Aziz Nikolaos Kilisesi Geç Bizans ve Yakınçağ İnsanlarının Yaşam Biçimleri, Adalya XII, 2009, 361-388.
Burhan Varkıvanç,
Antalya Kaleiçi’nde Taş Mimarideki Teknik Sürekliliğe İlişkin Bir Gözlem, Adalya XII, 2009, 389-401.

No. XI / 2008

Gülsün Umurtak,
Some Observations on a Group of Buildings and their finds from the Early Neolithic II/2 Settlement at Bademağacı, Adalya XI, 2008, 1-19.
Erkan Dündar,
Some Observations on a North-Syrian/Cilician Jug in the Antalya Museum, Adalya XI, 2008, 21-33.
H. Kübra Ensert – Ahmet Gümüş –  Demet Kara,
The Stele of Erzin, Adalya XI, 2008, 35-47.
Murat Aslan
Eurymedon Muharebesi’nden Sonra Aspendos ve Genel Olarak Pamphylia’nın Durumuna Bir Bakış, Adalya XI, 49-61.
Nevzat Çevik – Süleyman Bulut,
The rediscovery of GAGAE / GAXE in the south-east corner of Lycia. New finds from the total surface surveys, Adalya XI, 2008, 63-98.
Thomas Corsten,
Die Grabinschrift des Priesters Albasis in Myra, Adalya XI, 2008, 99-107.
Burak Takmer –  Nihal Tüner Önen,
Batı Pamphylia’da Antik Yol Araştırmaları: Via Sebaste’nin Perge-Klimaks Arası Güzergahında Yeni Bir Yol Kalıntısı, Adalya XI, 2008, 109-132.
Çilem Uygun –  Eray Dökü,
Kibyra Yerel Kırmızı Astarlı Seramiklerinden Örnekler, Adalya XI, 2008, 133-163.
Guntram Koch,
Kinder-Sarkophage der römischen Kaiserzeit in Kleinasien, Adalya XI, 2008, 165-187.
Nevzat Çevik,
Northeast Lycia. The New Evidence – Results from the past ten years from the Bey Mountains Surface Surveys, Adalya XI, 189-233.
Şevket Aktaş,
Tombs of the Exedra Type and Evidence from the Pataran Examples, Adalya XI, 235-261.
Ergun Kaptan,
Kelenderis’te Alaşım Metalurjisine Ait Buluntular, Adalya XI, 263-268.
Ayşe Aydın,
Adana, Anamur ve Silifke Müzesi’ndeki Figürlü Paye ve Levhalar, Adalya XI, 269-286.
Özgü Çömezoğlu,
Myra’s Place in Medieval Glass Production, Adalya XI, 2008, 287-295.
Engin Akyürek,
Palamutdüzü: A Medieval Byzantine Village Settlement in the Bey Mountains, Adalya XI, 2008, 297-318.
T. M. P. Duggan,
The paintwork and plaster on Evdir and Kırkgöz Hans by Antalya- and some implications drawn concerning the original appearance of 13th c. Seljuk State buildings, Adalya XI, 319-358.
Altan Çetin,
Akdeniz Ticaretinde Memlûklar Devri Mısır – Anadolu Mübadelesi, Adalya XI, 359-371.
Sema Bilici,
Bazı Örnekleriyle Alanya Kalesi Kazılarında Bulunan İthal Kıbrıs Sırlı Seramikleri, Adalya XI, 2008, 373-397.

No. X / 2007

Gülsün Umurtak,
Silos in Neolithic Settlements of Burdur-Antalya Region, Adalya X, 2007, 1-16.
Mehmet Özhanlı,
Side’de Bulunan Bir Yeni Hitit Eserinin Düşündürdükleri, Adalya X, 2007, 17-30.
Şükrü Özdoğru,
Pttara ve Dynast Wakhssepddimi II. (Wekhssere II), Adalya X, 2007, 31-48.
Burhan Varkıvanç,
Zum Fenster des sog. Sillyon’daki Helenelleniş Baues, Adalya X, 2007, 49-61.
Orhan Köse – Recai Tekoğlu,
Money Lending in Hellenistic Lycia: the Union of Copper Money, Adalya X, 2007, 63-79.
Elif Uğurlu,
Olympos ve Zeniketes’in Kalesinin Lokalizasyonu, Adalya X, 2007, 81-103.
Nevzat Çevik – Süleyman Bulut,
The Belen and Kelbessos Farmsteads with Tower on the Border of Pisidia-Lycia and Some Thoughts on Security in the Countryside, Adalya X, 2007, 105-130.
Julian Bennett,
The Roman Army in Lycia and Pamphylia, Adalya X, 2007, 131-153.
Neslihan Yılmaz,
Necropoleis and Funerary Monuments in Pisidia during the Roman Period, Adalya X, 2007, 155-204.
Mehmet Özsait – Guy Labarre – Nesrin Özsait,
Nouvelles inscriptions de Senitli Yayla (Pisidie), Adalya X, 2007, 205-222.
F. Fatih Gülşen,
Wall Heating Systems in the Roman Period Lycian Baths-The Examples from Patara and Tlos, Adalya X, 2007, 223-258.
Guntram Koch,
Das Heiligtum des Hg. Theodoros bei Holmoi (Isauria) Wiedergefünden !, Adalya X, 2007, 259-270.
Ayşe Aydın,
Adana Müzesindeki Kurşun Lahitler, Adalya X, 2007, 271-283.
C. Şimşek – Bahadır Duman,
Laodikeia’da Bulunan Geç Antik Çağ Unguentarimları, Adalya X, 2007, 285-307.
TMP Duggan,
A 13th Century Profile Portrait Seal Depicting the Face of the Rum Seljuk Sultan Alaed-Din Keykubat I (1220-37) from Antalya Province – Precedents and Possible influence, Adalya X, 2007, 309-449.
Scott Redford,
The Kıble Wall of the Kargı Hanı, Adalya X, 2007, 351-367.
A. Pelin Şahin Tekinalp,
Geleneksel Antakya Evlerinde Yer Alan Boyalı Nakışlar Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme: Başkent’ten Akdeniz’e Ulaşan Bezeme Programı, Adalya X, 2007, 369-386.
Mevlüt Çelebi,
Antalya Bölgesinde İtalyan Arkeolojisi Heyetleri, Adalya X, 2007, 387-402.

No. VIII / 2005

M. Hamdi Kan – Erkan Dündar,
Madduwatta ve Zippasla Dağı Ülkesi, Adalya VIII, 2005, 1-15.
Jürgen Borchhardt,
“Europa im Vilayet Antalya”, Westliche und östliche Mythologie an der Küste Lykiens, Adalya VIII, 2005, 17-57.
Claudia Tempesta,
Antiochus IV Epiphanes and Cilicia, Adalya VIII, 2005, 58-81.
Sencan Özbilge Altınoluk,
Some Obols and Hemiobols from Anamur Museum, Adalya VIII, 2005, 83-88.
Birol Can,
Antoninler Dönemi Baroğu Işığında Aspendos Tiyatrosu Bezemeleri, Adalya VIII, 2005, 89-119.
Nevzat Çevik,
New Finds from Neapolis Regarding the Cult of the Dead, Adalya VIII, 2005, 121-133.
Emanuela Borgia,
A New Funerary Cippus from Elaiussa Sebaste: Some Considerations Concerning Onomastics and Kinship, Adalya VIII, 2005, 135-150.
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Pisidia’da Chthonik Aphrodite Kültü, Adalya VIII, 2005, 151-165.
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No. VII / 2004

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No. VI / 2003

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No. IV / 1999 - 2000

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No. III / 1998

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No. II / 1997

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