Name of the Structure    Sofular Mosque
Category Mosque
Period Ottoman
Current Condition It currently functions as a mosque.
Construction Date The marble plaque at the entrance of the mosque bears the inscription of the year 1600.
Built by
Location / Address Yüksekalan, 516. Sk. 91a, 07310 Muratpaşa/Antalya

Built in 1600, the mosque was renovated in 1922 according to the antiquity registry file recorded by K. Turfan. The mosque’s current layout was built in 1988. A wooden door with a rounded arch provides access to the harim. The walls of the domed harim feature tile panels. The dome is decorated with motifs mostly in blue and red. Described by K. Turfan as “a simple niche with a circular arch,” the mihrab was rebuilt from marble during the repairs. A border frames the mihrab, and its recess is animated with decorations that expand from top to bottom. The pulpit in the southwest has been remade entirely of marble. The women’s prayer hall is on the third floor and is accessed by a staircase outside the harim. Rectangular windows with rounded arches were opened in two levels, both in the harim and in the women’s prayer hall. Its minaret rises on a high pulpit and has two balconies.


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Sofular Camii

Yüksekalan, 516. Sk. 91a, 07310 Muratpaşa/Antalya

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