Name of the Structure    Nazır Bath
Category Bath
Period Ottoman
Current Condition Ruined and abandoned.
Construction Date The earliest date for the bath is the second half of the 14th century (?).
Built by Sultan Hatun
Location / Address Tuzcular, No:4 Hamamaralığı Sk, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya

Access to this rectangular bath building is provided through an entrance passage added later to the northwest façade. The passage leads to a rectangular “changing room” with a flat roof. The “lukewarm room” is beyond a rectangular door on the north wall of the changing room.

There is a hood above the door. The lukewarm (or cold) room has a central section, and two domed lateral units lie beyond the openings with pointed arches. A door with a pointed arch in the middle space connects the lukewarm room to the “hot” room. The hot room features a domed main space in the center surrounded by three iwans and private cells in the north and east corners. Two iwans have pointed barrel vaults; the other iwan and the private rooms are domed. In the middle section, the dome is supported by pendentives decorated with muqarnas.


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Nazır Hamamı

Tuzcular, No:4 Hamamaralığı Sk, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya

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