Name of the Structure Makbule Mosque (Makbule Karamolla Masjid, Karamolla Masjid, Makbule Masjid, Makbûl Agha Masjid)
Category Mosque/Masjid
Period Ottoman
Current Condition It currently functions as a mosque.
Construction Date 15th or 16th century?
Built by Makbûl Agha
Location / Address Barbaros, Civelek Sk. No:21, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya

A precise construction date for this mosque is unknown; however, it was probably built between 1451 and 1530/1531. The square mosque has a single dome and no minaret. The mosque was closed for restoration in 1997 before it was reopened to worship in its current form in 1998. The main door is on the north façade. There are windows on either side of the door on the ground and top floors. The ones on the ground level are rectangular; the ones on the top floor have pointed arches. There is a niche with a pointed arch above the door, probably for the inscription, and a window with a pointed arch right above that. There are two windows on the lower and upper floors of the west façade overlooking the courtyard containing the ablution area. Those on the ground floor are rectangular, while the ones on the top floor have pointed arches. There is another window in the drum of the dome.

A door with a low arch provides access to the place of worship, which is covered with a dome with Turkish triangles. The niche of the mihrab in the south has a round arch; a wooden pulpit is just to its west. There are niches on either side of it; those on the top floor are pointed while those on the lower floor are rectangular. The niche at the skirt of the dome has been closed. The composition of the niche on the eastern interior façade is the same as the south, except that the niche in the dome’s drum is open.


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Makbule Camii

Barbaros, Civelek Sk. No:21, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya

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