Name of the Structure    Hacı Zeliha Hanım Masjid (Kemiklik Masjid)
Category Masjid
Period Ottoman?
Current Condition The structure has not reached the present day.
Construction Date 1892/1893
Built by Nakîb’s daughter, Şevket’s mother, Zeliha Hanım
Location / Address Kışla, 35. Sk. No:27, 07040 Muratpaşa/Antalya

The existence of both this masjid and its inscription is known through the antiquity registry file recorded by K. Turfan. His record from 1955 mentions a single-story rectangular building that is almost square, with a simple mihrab and pulpit underneath a Turkish-style tile roof.

The now-lost inscription recorded the benefactor of the mosque and the year of its construction. Today, a newer mosque with the same name — Hacı Zeliha Mosque — is at the address indicated on the registry file. The year 1971 is recorded on the door of the current building, which contradicts the description in the file and the appearance in the photograph.


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L. Yılmaz – K. Tuzcu, Antalya’da Türk Dönemi Kitabeleri, Haarlem 2010, 249-250.

Hacı Zeliha Cami

Kışla, 35. Sk. No:27, 07040 Muratpaşa/Antalya

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