Name of the Structure    Demirci Kara Ali Mosque
Category Mosque
Period Ottoman
Current Condition It currently functions as a mosque.
Construction Date 1738
Built by
Location / Address Çaybaşı, 1373. Sk. No:1, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya

The mosque has a rectangular plan underneath a hipped roof covered with Turkish-style tiles. The wooden ceiling is flat. Geometric decorations painted in blue can be seen on the predominantly white background of the ceiling. The harim is accessed through a double-winged wooden door in the center of the north façade. There are a total of 26 rectangular windows in two rows on all facades of the mosque. The semicircular mihrab is in the form of a simple niche in the center of the south façade. The interior of the mosque was painted white, and the area around the mihrab was painted gold during the most recent restoration. To the west of the mihrab is a wooden pulpit, which is probably a later addition; to the east is a pulpit made of wood. The U-shaped wooden women’s prayer hall extends in the east, west, and north directions. The women’s prayer hall can be accessed via the wooden stairs located on the northwest side and features wooden railings. The ashlar minaret in the northwest corner has a single balcony. There is an inscription recording the year 1738 on the east side of the square-shaped pulpit of the minaret.


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Demirci Kara Ali Camii

Çaybaşı, 1373. Sk. No:1, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya

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