Name of the Structure    Broken Minaret Mosque
Category Mosque
Period Ottoman
Current Condition It currently functions as a mosque.
Construction Date 1700
Built by
Location / Address Tahılpazarı Mahallesi, 452. Sokak, Muratpaşa

The rectangular mosque is covered with a Turkish-style tiled roof. It was called the “Broken Minaret” because it did not have a balcony, honeycomb gallery, or spire previously.

In the center of the north façade is a main door with a rounded arch. The mihrab and pulpit are in the form of a simple, undecorated niche. The minaret of the mosque in the eastern corner has a single balcony. Above the beveled transition segment on a square pulpit is the cylindrical shaft and then the balcony. The honeycomb gallery is topped with a spire and finial. There is a hexagonal fountain covered with a spire in the courtyard.


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Kesik Minare Camii

Tahılpazarı, 452. Sk. No:35, 07040 Muratpaşa/AntalyaTahılpazarı

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