Name of the Structure    Bekir Pasha Fountain (Tophane Fountain)
Category Fountain
Period Ottoman
Current Condition It is still in use today.
Construction Date 1884
Built by Bekir Pasha
Location / Address Selçuk, İskele Yokuşu, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya

This rectangular fountain was built of ashlar. It has a deep niche with pointed arches. The eaves have profiled moldings. Just above the molding is the roof cover of the fountain that slopes in three directions. There is a tap in the middle of the niche with a marble inscription consisting of four lines just above it. The lateral faces are blind. The inscription reads:

1- Bekir Pasha made this fountain flow on the path of Allah

2- And dedicated it to his ancestor, Himmet Agha, in the name of Allah.

3- Bring a cup; it is history flowing from this spout

4- Listen to the sounds of the spout on the path of Allah.


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