31 March 2018 - 14:30


Crete in the Ottoman Period: Politics and Uprising

Eastern Mediterranean witnessed important political and socio-economic transformations about the end of the nineteenth century. In this context, this presentation investigates into Ottoman Crete’s transformation. In the process of transformation, the uprisings of 1896 and 1897 altered the internal dynamics of Crete and paved the way for the establishment of a mukhtariyya administration (autarky) and subsequently its separation from the Ottoman Empire. The Cretan uprisings of 1896 and 1897 and intercommunity relations in Ottoman Crete are explored with a uniting approach taking into account both local and imperial dynamics. It is necessary to keep in mind that intercommunity relations in Ottoman Crete were not only unparalleled but also part of a wider world. This approach allows us to understand the dynamics of the Cretan society and to question how the Cretan Christians politicized themselves.

Pınar Şenışık

Doğuş Üniversitesi