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Preparations have commenced for issue number XXI (2018) of AKMED’s annual journal Adalya. Please find the contents of its latest issue attached.

Adalya has a broad scope comprised of articles aimed at the research, study, documentation, and protection of the interrelations among the cultures of the Mediterranean – world history, archaeology, history of art, architectural history, cultural heritage, as well as other relevant disciplines and book reviews. This scope encompasses a chronological time span starting in the antique period up to the beginning of the twentieth century.


Articles, whose subjects fall within the above-mentioned scope and are prepared according to our publishing principles, should be written preferably in English. However, 25% of the articles may be published in German, French, and Turkish after evaluation.

The submission deadline for articles is December 31, 2017. Those articles arriving at AKMED after the due date will not be accepted.

The decision regarding the articles to be published will be announced starting on April 1, 2018 based on the reports from the referees.

We appreciate your ongoing interest and await your potential contribution.

Adalya is indexed in the A&HCI (Arts & Humanities Citation Index) and CC/A&H (Current Contents / Art & Humanities) of issue IX (2006).


Mailing address:

Koç University AKMED

Kocatepe Sok. No: 22 Kaleici 07100 Antalya Turkey

Dr. Tarkan Kahya


ADALYA 2017 Contents


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2017 AKMED Masters, PhD, and project fellowships will be announced in June.

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